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LDS returned missionary creates video to give hope to missionaries that return early

Ashley Sargeant is on a mission to provide support and comfort to missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who returned home earlier than expected.

That's why on Thursday, Sargeant released a music video she created to help inspire and uplift such young adults. The video is a music video set to Sara Bareilles' hit song, "Brave."

Throughout the video, many LDS missionaries who returned early from their missions hold up signs expressing comfort and hope towards those in similar situations. Signs contained messages such as, "Don't stop believing. Even if it's hard," "You can move forward" and "Service is service, no matter how long or short."

Sargeant asked viewers in the YouTube video description to share the video with others who may be in need of such comfort.

"Please share this video with those you know who have returned home early from a mission, are losing hope of moving forward with their life, or considering abandoning their testimony," Sargeant states.

The video was published on Sargeant's YouTube channel, and at the time of publication had more than 1,000 video views.

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