In our high-tech world, is there any room for common sense? In highway safety, it is against the law to be a distracted driver. What sense does it make to line our roadways with billboards specifically designed to distract the driver? What sense is there in multi-light signals with fine print instructions that confuse readers when they have to stop, read and analyze the instructions to know when to stop? What sense is there in allowing “off road vehicles” to operate on the roads, when their lifted height makes their headlights blind other drivers?

An aging correction facility needs to be upgraded and rebuilt. What sense does it make to study the problem without considering what is best for fulfilling the purpose of the facility, i.e. the correction and rehabilitation of the inmates?

What sense does it make to just pass a controversial law without considering what the lawyers and courts will do with it? Why not run a mock court session on such laws before they are passed rather than just dump the controversy into the court system to solve. There really are more keys on the keyboard besides “$.”

Berwyn Andrus