Can you just not get enough robots?

Well, there’s a church for you: The Robotic Church, nestled in the old Norwegian Seamen’s Church in Brooklyn, New York.

But instead of stained-glass windows and statues of the Virgin Mary, this church is packed with industrial robots of all shapes and sizes, Vice News reported. In fact, the church, which is an homage to robots, will hold regular performances where the robots will come to life, according to Vice.

“I gave them life, made them perform — make a living — created a place for them to sit, so they have their own little sconce,” Chico MacMurtrie, who started building the featured robots in the 1980s, told Vice. “I deemed them all saints.”

The Robotic Church opened its doors about two weeks ago in honor of Obscura Day 2015, when people celebrate the “hidden wonders of the world.”

Watch the video below for more information about the robotic church:

THE ROBOTIC CHURCH, 2013-2014, New York from Chico MacMurtrie / ARW on Vimeo.

Here's a slideshow of some of the most famous robots from movies.

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