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The Clean Cut: Triple amputee veteran walks at his wedding

Walking down the aisle with his bride was particularly meaningful for Marine Cpl. Juan Dominguez. After 24 surgeries, the triple amputee veteran was able to walk for the first time since his accident, and he took his first steps as he escorted his bride down the aisle.

According to a video of the special day posted by HooplaHa in 2014, Dominguez stepped on a roadside bomb while serving in Afghanistan in 2010 and lost his right arm and both legs. Three years after the accident, the community of Temecula, California, rallied around Dominguez and his bride-to-be, Alexis, to create a dream wedding for the couple.

"This is the first time, I guess, that I've been able to keep my legs on," Dominguez said in the video. "It's finally coming together, and what could be better than walking down the aisle with my wife?"

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