There have been so many protests and bad feelings about where to build the new prison. Here is my idea: Build it on the property out near the airport where there are no homes. Reserve a very large piece of ground around it where the inmates can raise and care for cattle. Near the prison, have a garden and greenhouses where they can grow vegetables and fruit. These, along with the beef, would be used to feed the inmates and also would feed the homeless in the city.

Let the inmates plan and manage this ranch. They would learn how to work and serve their community. It would keep them busy and productive every day. Of course, they could take classes and learn trades, as they do now. Perhaps they could earn points that would cut down on their prison time.

I believe the city will get enough money from the property in Draper to pay for the new prison and I hope it would be sold to tech companies. Then we would have Silicon Valley 2.0. It may ease the traffic at the Point of the Mountain until the Mountain Corridor extends into Utah County.

This would please most of the people most of the time.

Ardith Anne Boyd