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The North-South divide on two-parent families — NYT Upshot

A new wedding trend? The men taking their wives' names — BBC

I’m getting married in two weeks and I don’t know what my name will be — Quartz

Mystery man donates wife's 1950s wedding dress with moving handwritten note — Mashable

Underage drinking, binge boozing by minors is on the decline — USA Today


Australian couple says they'll get divorced if same-sex marriage is legalized — The Huffington Post

I’m unemployed. Should I tithe? — Relevant

Empty pews not the end of the world, says Church of England’s newest bishop — The Telegraph

The wide world of Rabbi Zev Vagner: Spreading Judaism across continents — Chabad

The battle for First Christian Church of Florissant — The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

10 Christian wedding essentials — OnFaith


Study: To exercise more intensely, use your brain — Newser

The truth behind your state's high school graduation rate — NPR

17 years after saving baby girl's life, hero firefighter attends her high school graduation — The Huffington Post

Freedom, not fries? Texas official wants deep fryers back in schools — NPR

What America's failing schools can learn from 'Sesame Street' — Daily Dot

Let kids learn by hacking their toys — Quartz

When loan forgiveness isn't enough — The Atlantic

Where free college isn't a cure-all — The Atlantic

Elizabeth Warren’s new plan for debt-free college, explained — Vox


Sir Christopher Lee has died aged 93 — BuzzFeed

D'oh! Marge and Homer will legally separate in upcoming 'Simpsons' season — Newsweek

Michael Giacchino on coming home to write music for 'Jurassic World' — NPR

It's all in your head: Director Pete Docter gets emotional in 'Inside Out' — NPR

'Fifty Shades' spinoff slammed as 'irresponsible rationalization of domestic abuse' — TIME

Sex sells? NBC executive wants NHL players to shave — Fox News

Your newest enticement to stay at a Marriott: Netflix — Fortune

Dueling realities: Augmented-reality systems could edge out virtual reality and re-imagine human perception in the process — The Atlantic

The psychology behind Web browsing — The Next Web

The new conspicuous consumption: A comparison of the Rich Kids of Instagram to the oil paintings of European elites — Jacobin Magazine


How women can restore America's middle class — Fortune

What are unions hiding on minimum wage? Our view — USA Today

How prisons kick inmates off Facebook — The Atlantic

Long commutes are awful, especially for the poor — The Atlantic


Putting a price tag on the stress of having a child — FiveThirtyEight

Richard Branson gives 1-year paid leave to new fathers working at Virgin — Elite Daily

Forget skipping coffee. Here's how to really save money — Vox

Ina Garten on how to run a business and do what you love — Forbes

I quit my job today — Medium

When your interviewer is a jerk, do this — Forbes

How to write a thank you note after a job interview — Forbes

The hidden economic rules behind Tinder, marriage, kidneys, and college admissions — Quartz

Facebook fights startups over names — The Wall Street Journal

Something is rotting under Silicon Valley — Fortune

Can millennials achieve the American Dream? — The Daily Signal

The try-hard generation — The Atlantic

The Dating Business: Love on the rocks — The Wall Street Journal

Your bank account: The next thing to go obsolete — CNN

Who, What, Why: Is this the perfect size of carry-on air luggage? — BBC

America's next economic boom could be lying underground — NPR

Housing through the centuries — The Atlantic

The cheapest way to use your iPhone when you’re traveling abroad — Quartz

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