SYRACUSE — Boil orders in Syracuse and Clinton were lifted Thursday after water samples tested negative for E. coli and coliform bacteria.

Residents in the two Davis County cities began following the boil orders last weekend.

"Our people worked, some of them, night and day in order to get things to the situation where they are now," said Clinton City Manager Dennis Cluff.

The boil order was lifted for Syracuse residents east of 3000 West on Tuesday. City officials had hoped to lift the boil order for all of Syracuse on Wednesday, but it remained in effect for another day after samples tested positive for coliform, said Syracuse City Manager Brody Brovero.

The costs from the water problems had not yet been tallied, but the bills include thousands of water bottles purchased by each city, materials for water samples and labor.

"It's always an expensive issue, not only for the city but for the public and commercials," Cluff said.

Cluff and Brovero said that their cities are working toward preventing another cross contamination between culinary and secondary water.

— Katie Larsen