Sugar House Park is the best site for a new, modern prison. It is already municipally owned, so the land is free. There is plenty of space for office-building-style facilities, common to the I-215 corridor. There would be no negative impact on development because the surrounding land is already developed. The local businesses would benefit from prison employees and visitors frequenting their shops. The park is much closer to the courts and legal and medical professionals; there is even a convenient pedestrian tunnel to help volunteers safely cross 1300 East from the streetcar. There are many available surface routes to avoid traffic jams. The park has its own water source, but millions of gallons would be saved by inmate-maintained xeriscaping. Solar arrays on the roofs would reduce the carbon footprint. The lucky students of Highland High would always have a visual reminder that illegal actions can have consequences. Finally, the land in Draper could be turned into open space, or a large municipal park, or it could be sold to help pay for the new Sugar House Correctional Facility. Everybody wins.

Stephen Johnsen