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News links: Pope Francis plans to open homeless shelter, how to use a treadmill desk and more

SHARE News links: Pope Francis plans to open homeless shelter, how to use a treadmill desk and more
Here's a look at today's top stories from across the Web that highlight faith, family, education, media, causes and moneywise.

Here’s a look at today’s top stories from across the Web that highlight faith, family, education, media, causes and moneywise.


Here's our daily list of articles from across the Web about family and faith-related topics as well as our other four areas of emphasis: education, causes, media and moneywise.

Some of these stories will find their way to The Pulse, a curated list of the top news stories of the day on our homepage. Others will pop up in our articles. So scan the entire email or focus on the section that interests you most, and don't forget to send us your feedback.

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Voices: I’m just a guy trying to take care of his mother — USA Today

Aspirational parents condemn their children to a desperate, joyless life — The Guardian

Foster care system shifts to relatives, but doesn’t offer support — SCPR

Happy Father’s Day to my ex-husband — TIME

Got water? Most kids, teens don’t drink enough — NPR

This teen wanted to die, but an officer told him ‘don’t give up’ — NPR

Coming home straight from solitary damages inmates and their families — NPR

Multiracial in America: Proud, diverse and growing in numbers — Pew Social Trends

How to date well — Relevant

Here’s the best reason possible to not Google-stalk before a first date — Mic

Why we sleep together — The Atlantic


SBC reports more churches, fewer people — Baptist Press News

US Jewish numbers no longer declining, but demographic worries persist — Religion News Service

The search for an American divine — Christian Century

The world Ike wrought — The Wall Street Journal

Is the Pope a communist? — BBC

Is there a right way to think about Hell? — OnFaith

2067: the end of British Christianity — The Spectator


Reading, writing, required silence: How meditation is changing schools and students — The Huffington Post

How America’s cities ‘disconnect’ youth — The Atlantic

Forcing students to graduate ‘on time’ — The Atlantic

David Brooks: How adulthood happens — The New York Times

Let rich and poor learn together — The New York Times


Jurassic World: After going extinct in 2001, the franchise returns with a familiar warning: Don’t play God. (But it sure makes for a fun ride.) — Christianity Today

Story of Hillary Clinton’s mother forms emotional core of campaign — The New York Times

Bernie Sanders just laid out what real “family values” look like — Mic

How many TV series can your brain take? — The Wall Street Journal

Game of Thrones’ woman problem is about more than sexual assault — TIME

A ‘Full House’ reunion won’t make us happy — The Federalist

The trailer for Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig’s new Lifetime movie is so Lifetime it hurts — Mashable

Mother’s Day brings sadness, deep conversations in ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 3 premiere — Mashable


Pope Francis to open 30-bed homeless shelter steps from Vatican walls — The Huffington Post

As minimum wages rise, smaller firms get squeezed — The Wall Street Journal

How the ‘black tax’ destroyed African-American homeownership in Chicago — CityLab

How much more money would you make if you were unionized? — The New Republic

Is the push for a $15-an-hour minimum wage a good idea? — Vox


You’re probably using your treadmill desk wrong — Quartz

East Coast people are more likely to #hatetheirjobs — Mashable

I quit a great job because happiness is more important than commitment — Quartz

Top 10 traits of self-made women: How many do you have? — Forbes

Seven signs you’re wasting your talent — Forbes

Questions to answer in the age of optimized hiring — TIME

3 brilliant LinkedIn summaries that will inspire you to update yours — Mashable

Even baby boomers think it’s harder to get started professionally than it used to be — The Atlantic

Good wages are not enough — The Atlantic

This personality trait can predict unethical behavior — The Huffington Post

These are the 10 most influential leaders in tech right now — TIME

Outgoing Twitter CEO explains he didn’t want to be a lame duck — Fortune

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