The land around an airport should have a value like none other, but doesn't. Instead, we place such things as industrial parks next to them. Would that Salt Lake did it differently. Would that Salt Lake saw the land as an opportunity.

Large corporations fly folks in and out. Why not leave land available near the airport for them to locate there, should they ever want to? Tourists fly in and out. Why not place near the airport some tourist attractions? Conventiongoers fly in and out. Why not have convention facilities there?

The sky is an entrance gate to your city, and in some cases to your state. Why not roll out the red carpet in the land around the airport? Make it a jewel.

Creating a welcome district near the airport seems to me a wonderful idea. Fortunately — if only for the moment — we still have a lot of land there that could be used for these things. Maybe it's best that we not let the land go to industrial parks and prisons.

John Jackson