You may have noticed a few yearbook quotes floating around the Internet recently. There was this one, which poked fun at high school dating, and this one, which was a funny shoutout to mom.

But maybe the most intriguing quotes online right now come from more than 100 years ago in 1914, which were published on Imgur this week. The four quotes featured in the photo below are a mix of comedic yearbook quotes and serious messages about life.

And that’s often the point of yearbook quotes: to get an important message about your current state of being across to the public.

“This isn't something trivial like your college major or which university you'll attend,” Neha Prakash wrote for Mashable in 2014. “This is your high school yearbook senior quote. It defines you, sets you apart. This quote will be your only mark on the world when aliens come searching for clues about human civilization centuries from now.”

See what 1914 Americans had to say in the photo below.

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