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Call the midwife — The Atlantic

Why are teens so moody and impulsive? This neuroscientist has the answer — The Huffington Post

Why aren't automakers saving kids left in hot cars? — Daily Dot

How to make online dating work — NYT Opinion

This guy hacked a video game to create the ultimate marriage proposal (photos) — Elite Daily

Kid breaks into happy tears when he finds out he's going to Disney World — Mashable

The perfect campfire, mathematically — Slate

Losing your sight as a deaf person — BBC

Charles M. Blow: Jeb Bush and single mothers — The New York Times


Black churches led the civil rights movement. Can they do it again in Baltimore? — The Huffington Post

How to recognize idols in your life — Relevant

Are all sins really the same? — Relevant

The Catholic Church is not an enemy of science — The New Republic

Here's what happens when a former pastor and standup comedian go on tour — Daily Dot

What can experts tell us about America’s growing “nondenominational” churches? — Patheos

The rise of evangelical 'nones' — CNN

Save the Internet: 12 faith voices you should hear — OnFaith

5 excuses Jesus’ donkey didn’t make (but we do) — OnFaith

To the Holy Mountain: A Protestant’s journey among the monks of Mount Athos — Christianity Today

The source of true joy — Christianity Today


Forget apps, the best way to learn a new language is still by talking with another human — Quartz

A different abstinence education: A class of teenagers gave up smartphones for a week and lived — Slate

Building for the future, in California's famously failed city — The Atlantic

Exams around the world — The Atlantic

The danger of picking a major based on where the jobs are — The Atlantic

The 40-year-old graduates — The Atlantic

At Harvard, 'too Jewish' has become 'too Asian' — Newsweek

Deeply divided over consent signals — The Washington Post

Lawyers, status, public backlash aid college athletes accused of crimes — ESPN


Billy Bob Thornton has 'never trusted happiness' since his brother's death — The Huffington Post

'Silicon Valley’s' brutally funny indictment of the tech industry — The Atlantic

The science of 'Game of Thrones' spoilers: Why they’re a good thing — The Daily Beast

Soon, TV news will be coming to you from a selfie stick — Mashable


Houston nearly halves homeless population in 4 years — The Huffington Post

Waitress picks up grieving couple's tab, reminds them that love is 'alive and well' — The Huffington Post

Hope and despair as families languish in Texas Immigration Centers — The New York Times

Home Free: Female veterans find fresh start in Los Angeles housing community — The Daily Signal

The problem of urbanization without economic growth — CityLab

Hillary Clinton, in Roosevelt Island speech, pledges to close income gap — The New York Times


Workplace chaplain is good business for Illinois company — Fox News

Millennials in search of a different kind of career — The Atlantic

Telecommuting isn't as great as you think — Newser

Are the people who take vacations the ones who get promoted? — Harvard Business Review

Seven habits of fearless people — Forbes

Six ways to listen to your employees — Forbes

9 things you can do every day to be more productive — Fortune

The cover letter is (almost) dead — Forbes

Why developing a personal brand is essential for every entrepreneur — Forbes

It's just business: How a new group of entrepreneurs are using the free market to advocate for justice — Relevant

Your bank account: The next thing to go obsolete — CNN Money

Clothing and accessories that last for life — Fortune

Sniffing out the next big thing in chocolate and gobstoppers — BBC

American seniors find middle-class 'sweet spot' — The New York Times

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