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Do more with less

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A recent article (“Virtue and vice,” June 6) did a fair job explaining that, while Utah should never expect to be any better than the lowest per-pupil spender in the nation for public education, more of what Utah spends for public education goes directly into the classroom than the national average. Also, our teachers and schools are producing students at or above the national average in most testing.

It was good that the article included Utah’s ranking of 35 in “Public education revenue per $1,000 personal income, 2013.” But the article would have been more complete if it had noted that back in 1995, about the same time that Sen. Howard Stephenson was elected, Utah spent $50.29 per $1,000, ranking us ninth in the nation in effort to fund public education.

The article might have explained why the state dropped from ninth to 35th, and while the financial support was dropping, why our Legislature increased pressure on schools and teachers to do more with the less they were receiving.

Fred Ash