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Garbage pride

This week, we celebrate National Garbage Persons Recognition. While this may seem like a trivial date on the calendar, this is a very underrepresented industry. Few people know what happens to their trash when they throw it away, and even fewer know who does that job. This week the Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling District celebrated our employees with a breakfast. Two city and county council members were in attendance as well.

Additionally, our local drivers are some of the best in the nation. We have on our team two national winners, two runners-up and a nominee. They are John Witaker (2011 Driver of the Year), Saul Lopez (2012 Driver of the Year), Steve Reyes (2013 Runner-up Driver of the Year), Chris Aguiar (2014 Runner-up Driver of the Year) and Ryan Jones (2015 Driver of the Year nominee). They were ranked nationally against other public waste haulers in the areas of safety, miles traveled, number of homes and years on the job.

Join us in celebrating these honorable people. Wave to your waste and recycling collector next time you catch them. They spend less than 20 seconds at your home dumping your cans. We hope that others will recognize the critical role these men and women play in making our communities livable.

Jeffrey Summerhays