"ROYAL DATE," by Sariah Wilson, Kindle Press, e-book, $3.49, 291 pages (f)

Kat MacTaggart has sworn off men forever, including while on a skiing vacation in fictional Monterra. But when an accident leaves her injured and in the care of a handsome prince, her anti-men mantra is put to the test, in “Royal Date” by Utah author Sariah Wilson.

With her best friend, Lemon, encouraging her, Kat finds herself dating one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. And to her surprise, she enjoys just about every second of it.

As Kat becomes enmeshed in the lives of Prince Nico and his royal family, her jaded heart heals and she slowly comes to the realization that not all men are like those who have haunted her past. When she finally admits to how deeply she cares for Nico, Kat is struck by their opposite backgrounds and finds herself faced with a potentially life-changing decision.

“Royal Date” can be a fantastic read for those who love clean romances with happy endings. Wilson writes riveting romantic scenes and delightful characters. Although the premise of a poor American girl finding romance with a crown prince is logically unbelievable and the plot of many fairy tales, Wilson makes reading about it fun. Kat’s self-doubts are easy to sympathize with, and her adventures with royalty match many a girlhood dream.

With supporting characters that are quirky and amusing, “Royal Date” is a lighthearted read that can be difficult to put down.

It was selected for publication on Kindle Press through Amazon's Kindle Scout program and is currently available as an e-book. Wilson also now has a book deal with Amazon's Montlake Romance imprint for two more books, one of which is a sequel to "A Royal Date."

“A Royal Date” has a small amount of subtle innuendo and no profanities or violence. A few dealings with illegal drugs are shown in a bad light, and the only romance is a great deal of kissing.

A Brigham Young University graduate and believer in happy endings, Wilson is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and lives with her family in Saratoga Springs.

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