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Book review: 'Men of Character' shares stories from lives of 100 Mormon men

MEN OF CHARACTER: Profiles of 100 Prominent LDS Men,” edited by Lloyd D. Newell, Susan Easton Black and Mary Jane Woodger, Covenant Communications, 339 pages (nf)

There are more than 100 prominent men in the past and present of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that could be highlighted in any compilation, as the authors of the recently released “Men of Character: Profiles of 100 Prominent LDS Men” write in the book's introduction.

“Choosing only a hundred of these to feature in this book has been difficult,” they write. “And we know we could compile countless volumes profiling prominent LDS men of character who have made a positive difference in the world.”

The ones they did choose to include represent a broad range of experiences, talents and interests. There are the presidents of the LDS Church and other leaders, along with others in the church’s history, including Orrin Porter Rockwell and J. Golden Kimball.

There are scholars, including Richard Bushman and Hugh Nibley, politicians including Mitt Romney and Harry Reid, those who have found success in entertainment, such as Donny Osmond and David Archuleta, and sports figures, including longtime Brigham Young University coach LaVell Edwards, NFL player Steve Young and the NBA’s Jimmer Fredette.

Also included are artists Al Rounds, John Hafen and Arnold Friberg, scientists including Henry Eyring and businessmen Clayton Christensen, Stephen Covey and John Huntsman Sr.

Each easy-to-read biography is a few pages long and is packed with life experiences, challenges and faith of each. It provides enough information to see why he would be included and each is sourced, which points to where a reader can go for further study.

It’s an interesting and nicely compiled companion to the previously published “Women of Character: Profiles of 100 Prominent LDS Women," edited by Susan Easton Black and Mary Jane Woodger.

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