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Letter: Expensive moves

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There are many reasons that the prison should remain where it is. First, there is plenty of land to rebuild the prison at the Point of the Mountain. When that is complete, the old unusable parts of the prison can be torn down. No expense of acquiring new land. Second, the current prison is heated by thermal sources, no electric or natural gas needed. A move would mean that the cost of utilities would increase. Also, this would mean significant cost of infrastructure construction that already exists at the current prison site. Third, with new development comes more air pollution due to increased traffic. Salt Lake County is already failing to meet EPA clean air standards!

I will not vote in the next election, primary or general, for anyone who supports this move, even if it means voting for a Democrat. I know many other people who feel the same.

As an accountant, it is difficult for me to believe that moving the prison is cost-effective. Is there an unstated reason for politicians to line their campaign funds from potential developers?

Merritt Christensen