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Letter: Getting played?

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I read with interest a recent article indicating there is not enough open land to build a new prison at the Draper site (only 275 contiguous acres vs. the 360 acres needed). Many large construction projects of this nature are done in phases, and it certainly seems that phased development in Draper is feasible. Do you get the feeling, as the public, that we are being "played"?

Were the consultants who issued this report asked to determine the realistic feasibility of rebuilding the prison in Draper? Or were they asked to help mold public opinion to come around to what it appears the Legislature has already decided they want to do?

The report also indicates that the high power lines on the site would cause problems during construction. Well, then, does that also make the property unsuitable for commercial development for these companies that will supposedly bring in the $1.8 billion in economic reward?

Bruce Stephenson

West Jordan