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See Chris Pratt recreate the raptor scene from ‘Jurassic World’ in a hospital

SHARE See Chris Pratt recreate the raptor scene from ‘Jurassic World’ in a hospital

Chris Pratt has taken his latest role to a whole new level.

This weekend, Hollywood star Chris Pratt visited children at the Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and re-enacted a scene from "Jurassic World," in which his character, Owen Grady, calms a pack of velociraptors by extending his hands outwards and focusing the dinosaurs’ attention on him, BuzzFeed reported.

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The hospital posted photos of Pratt’s visit on its Facebook page over the weekend, BuzzFeed reported. One of the photos includes Pratt re-enacting the scene with three children, who appear wowed and excited by Pratt.

“Actor Chris Pratt, best known for 'Jurassic World' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' took time out from filming his latest movie to visit with our #‎AmazingKids at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital,” the hospital’s Facebook post reads. “Our patients were all smiles and we are so thankful to Chris for lifting their spirits by visiting and handing out 'Jurassic World' goodies. Thanks to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for coordinating such a special visit!”

See Pratt strike the pose and spend time with the children in the slideshow below:

This scene has gone viral since "Jurassic World" came out two weeks ago, with Internet users posting photos of themselves imitating the pose with their own pets, according to BuzzFeed. You can watch the movie’s scene in the video below:

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