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A father's legacy — Fox News

How marriage makes men better fathers — Family Studies

The joy of being a father: 23 inspiring quotes — The Daily Signal

Why I’ll always be daddy’s little girl, no matter age or distance — Elite Daily

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An athlete felled by concussions, despite playing a ‘safer’ sport — The New York Times

To ease pain, reach for your playlist instead of popping a pill — NPR

‘If sugar is fattening, how come so many kids are thin?’ — The Atlantic

Free sunscreen — The Atlantic


Charleston: Forgiveness and frustration after first church service since massacre — CNN

Church's first service since attack offers healing — Newser

The most moving photos of Sunday’s service at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church — BuzzFeed

Mother Emanuel and the power of prayer — BBC

How to help Charleston church shooting victims, families — USA Today

The deeper story of Emanuel AME Church — Relevant

What these religious leaders want America to know in the wake of the Charleston Massacre — Mic

Why the black church has always mattered — The Root

Going deeper after the Charleston murders — Christianity Today

The cross and the Confederate flag — Russell Moore

Huckabee: Gay marriage could criminalize Christianity — Fox News

Pope slams ‘great powers’ over mass deaths in 20th century — TIME

Confessions of a Catholic novelist — The New Republic

Honoring the roots, celebrating the blossoms on International Day Of Yoga — The Huffington Post

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Elisabeth Elliot on the Christian father — Christianity Today

A father for the Romans — Christianity Today

4 biblical truths that respond to hatred — OnFaith

5 reasons kids need Godly men as fathers — OnFaith


InterVarsity regains access to Cal State campuses — Christianity Today

How doing homework for friends inspired a global company — BBC

Poignant moments unfold at a preschool in a retirement home — CNN

Harvard admissions needs 'moneyball for life' — NYT Opinion

What to read this summer, 2015 edition — The Federalist

We tried — and failed — to identify the most banned book in America — FiveThirtyEight


Paul Walker’s daughter posts sweet Father’s Day tribute — TIME

The Simpsons say divorce rumours are 'baseless' — BBC

Apple Music changes policy after Taylor Swift stand — BBC

Taylor Swift and Apple are getting back together and Spotify should be terrified — Vox

Taylor Swift: Don't base your day and your happiness on social media — BBC

It’ll be a boy for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian — People Magazine

Does Hollywood have an issue with women? — USA Today

The decline of the American actor — The Atlantic

Chris Pratt re-enacted the raptor scene from “Jurassic World” at a children’s hospital — BuzzFeed

'Jurassic World' ends Pixar's box office streak despite big haul by 'Inside Out' — CNN Money

What Disney Pixar's 'Inside Out' film teaches us about embracing all sides of our emotions — The Huffington Post

The gospel according to Pixar — Relevant

'Dope': When high-school hijinks are life-or-death — The Atlantic

Marvel's New 'Spider-Man' comic series will star Miles Morales — The Huffington Post

Leaked Sony-Marvel contract says Peter Parker can't smoke, drink, or be gay — Daily Dot

Brian Williams scandal shows the power of social media — The New York Times

Reddit's 'bullies' pushed me to fight weight gain — CNN

Here's what your phone's home screen really says about you — Mic


Low-income fathers more likely to give gifts, not money — Newsweek

Obstacles to economic growth — The New York Times

How this financial habit of millennials could increase inequality — The Daily Signal

What a new class of worker could mean for the future of labor — BuzzFeed

How to start a social good crowdfunding campaign — Mashable


Time with the kids is good for dads, but so is providing for the family — FiveThirtyEight

Entrepreneurs launch 'The Gentlemen Project' to support fathers and families — Forbes

Basic parenting gets fathers a gold star, and other things I learned on paternity leave — Vox

How to cope with criticism — BBC

Are you sabotaging your chances for a job or promotion? — Forbes

Who owns your overtime? — NYT Opinion

No time to be nice at work — NYT Opinion

5 ways leaders can be more like-able on social media — Forbes

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Ten interview questions to ask your next boss — Forbes

Top US CEOs still make 300 times more than their workers — Quartz

The CEO backlash — The Washington Post

End of the corner office: D.C. law firm designs its new space for millennials — The Washington Post

Confirmed: Millennials' top financial concern is student-loan debt — The Atlantic

How does an Uber driver take family leave? — The New York Times

These companies are making smartwatches for grandma — TIME

McDonald’s to cut U.S. stores for first time in decades — The New York Times

The cartel that makes sure airplane tickets never get cheaper — The Daily Beast

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