Reading comments regarding moving the Utah prison may not be a wise decision. The potential move has created major controversy — pros and cons to both sides. An approach to satisfy Utah citizens would be to place this issue on the ballot. If the people decide to move it, what have the promoters got to lose? We are a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

With controversy already generated, elected officials have an obligation to listen to the people rather than a handful of representatives. If the decision is made to move the prison, the people will feel they have not been subjected to a snow job.

I don’t perceive to have answers to all the questions and concerns, but if the issue were put on the ballot with facts and studies disclosed, it would significantly benefit a more enlightened people. Currently, promoters of the move have not convinced me. If it is such a great idea, then additional documentation could convince me otherwise.

Alden Wynn