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Yield or stop?

I am disturbed seeing so many drivers who ignore stop signs. I was taught that a stop sign meant that each vehicle was to come to a complete stop, check the crossing traffic and, when safe, proceed.

Recently I came close to being rear-ended by a FedEx delivery truck. We were in a hospital parking lot where considerable construction was taking place — a temporary stop sign had been placed at an intersection. I came to a complete stop. In my rearview mirror I could see the delivery truck had stopped within inches of my rear bumper. I suspect he had not expected me to come to a complete stop. Do not delivery companies require the obedience to all traffic laws?

Often I see automobiles approach a red light at an intersection to make a right turn; they slow slightly and then merge quickly into moving traffic.

Some time ago someone suggested replacing most of the stop signs with yield signs. Perhaps that should happen. I dislike seeing drivers pick and choose which laws they must obey.

Newel Standley