What is about NBA Draft Day that brings out the rumors and speculation? Maybe it's because trades always go down on draft day; every team is trying to get better.

The Utah Jazz aren't immune to it, as the Deseret News' Jody Genessy tweeted out some juicy tidbits Thursday morning.

Deseret News contributors Kincade Upstill, Lauren Rose Spencer, Garrett Faylor, Tyler Tate, Aaron Morton, David Smith and Ryan Miller weighed in on this through an email chain. You can join the discussion on Twitter by usin #DNdraft.

Morton: Jody Genessy says the Jazz are looking at possibly trading Derrick Favors — I think to move up in the draft — and sign Paul Millsap. Who would the Jazz need to get in the draft in return for Favors for this trade to make sense?

Spencer: Yes! Millsap!

Morton: Why Millsap? I’m not sure the Jazz can absorb the drop off in defensive production if they trade Favors.

Upstill: I don't understand this at all. Why not keep Favors and draft at 12. If the Jazz move up and draft Zinger (Kristaps Porzingis) he is still 2-3 years away from helping.

Spencer: Get Millsap, keep Favors. Both defenders, both veterans — manipulate the minutes. Millsap is familiar to the team; the chemistry is already there. I think that's a key element to the teams development at this point. If Favors is traded, that places Millsap in the position to step up, defensively, which might be uncomfortable to the Jazz for a little bit but it could work.

Tate: And get who? After the two bigs and D'Angelo Russell the analytics show that the production from projected top 15 players is not two-way. You either get mediocre offense or college defense. When looking at the latest mock draft from (ESPN's Chad) Ford, Las Vegas added the projected player to the associated team picking them into a lineup scenario and not a single player made more than a two-game difference in the season win totals.

Upstill: Millsap wants to start but is not a 3 and would take up every ounce of cap space we have. Can't see it happening. Favors is younger and probably cheaper right now.

Faylor: I also don't understand any of this. If we're trying to build a contender, remember Millsap is 30 and has how many years of contender-quality starter in him? Two? That's fine if we trade Favors to get Porzingis who can take the lead in two years, but I just think it slows the road to the WCF down. Favors seems like a great fit, good numbers guy, great defense, just does his job, locker room guy. Improve the PG situation (trade Dante Exum for Russell or something; or get depth in a free agent or trade) and get shooters, beef up roles and back-up players.

Morton: I’m usually a stand-pat and make your pick kind of guy, but NBA is a tough league to be a GM — especially for a small market. Sometimes you have to swing for the fence. What I’m worried about is that sentimentality is driving this decision to go after Millsap. There are a lot of players out there and the team has lots of options. It would be sad if the only free agents the Jazz could bring in are ones who are already familiar with Utah.

Faylor: I think as both Dennis Lindsey and Quin Snyder are new to the Jazz, I don't see this as a sentimentality pick.

Tate: The other thing is the connection between Dennis Lindsey and newly promoted head coach et al. Mike Budenholzer in ATL.

Smith: Thoughts on the tweet from Spencer Checketts just now, saying the Jazz are focused on Justice Winslow and Stanley Johnson? He says they hope one is available at No. 12, but are willing to trade up, if not. If neither are there, he says they may trade down.

Faylor: How wild would it be if Checketts were right about both Millsap and draft targets? I would follow him on Twitter and unfollow a lot of people.

Miller: Well, after shooting a 64 out on the golf course (I'll let you guys figure out if it was 18 or nine holes. Here's a hint: it was nine), I'm ready for some draft fun. Now, I don't think the Jazz will trade Favors, but with Jody's report I think we may be seeing an interesting shift from Utah management. We haven't yet witnessed Dennis Lindsay really try to build a team to win now. He has always been about acquiring assets and has stressed patience during this rebuild. So, yeah, these whispers of trading away top players are foreign to what fans have come to expect from him, but he might just be ready to cash in. As far as Justise Winslow goes, I love him, and if the Jazz can find a way to trade only picks and Trey Burke for his services, I think they have to do it (even though Trey is one of the better interviews on the team). I'd pass on Stanley Johnson, though. For a guy that's so dependent on athleticism, he's just not all that athletic. That seems like it'll be a problem.

Tate: Jay Bilas said that in talking about Winslow, Coach K called him Dwyane Wade. Not that he was like him or reminded him of D Wade but that he was D Wade. Winslow will have to play the 2 position and in the West — with better shooting backcourts than the East — he better be prepared to defend as well as shoot the ball and even distribute when necessary. Those are not his strongest assets. That being said, he could become a good player, not great but good player if he works in the system. Analytics currently show him contributing a +4 on the court. Not much but can be useful in a close game.