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Nationwide health care

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This week there were remarkable decisions in our country. Both reaffirmed that the United States of America is one nation. The Supreme Court decided in favor of the Affordable Care Act as legal in all states, and several Southern states have decided to take down their separatist flags. Both decisions are strong statements that “we the people” are the same people, no matter in which state we reside. And while each individual state brings its own history, beliefs and gifts to the country, in the end each citizen of our nation deserves all of the benefits of citizenship as every other citizen.

Now is the time for Utah’s Legislature to decide to grant Utah citizens the same health benefits as the citizens of other states. Please pass Healthy Utah or full Medicaid expansion. Utah citizens deserve to be full citizens of the U.S. They deserve this basic human right to be free of health-related fear and uncertainty. This is the right decision for Utah workers, for Utah families and for our Utah children.

Louis Borgenicht

Salt Lake City