Do you watch TV a lot, own a La-z-boy, like soap operas and crave frozen pizza? If you answered yes to all of these questions, a new study says you might be a couch potato.

A study from the Estately Blog rated states’ couch potato-ness, which they determined through a series of unique metrics, Roberto A. Ferdman and Christopher Ingraham reported for The Washington Post.

The metrics used to rate the states included how much TV the state watches, the amount of fast-food restaurants located in the state, the state's Facebook interest in soap operas, how much exercise the state gets, the number of Google searches for frozen pizza, the amount of La-z-boy dealers in the area and the number of Google searches for video-game renting.

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The results showed that West Virginia was the most couch potato-like and Wyoming was the least, The Washington Post reported.

The highest rated states were mostly located in the South and the Rust Belt, while the lowest rated states were in the Northwest.

Check out the map below to see how your state ranks:


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