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Life happens fast and before you know it events have come and gone and circumstances have changed. Along with time passing comes myriad memories from millions of people.

Whether you were raised a Utahn or recently became one, here are 15 moments many Utahns won't be forgetting anytime soon.

John Stockton's epic 3-pointer

On May 29, 1997 John Stockton hit a 3-pointer over Charles Barkley to send the Utah Jazz to its first NBA Finals. The Jazz beat the Houston Rockets in game six.

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Terror spread on August 11, 1999 when a tornado touched down in the middle of Salt Lake City.

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Michael Jordan, the last shot

June 14, 1998, the day every heart in Utah stopped beating... Michael Jordan ended Utah's dream for an NBA title right here in Salt Lake City in game six of the NBA Finals. And yes, Utahns know his last shot was preceded with a push off.

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The world met in Salt Lake City for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. The state was transformed in preparation for the event and Utahns haven't seen anything like it since.

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BYU National Championship

The Cougars got through an undefeated season and won a national championship over Michigan.

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Trolley Square shooting

On February 12, 2007 a lone gunman shot and killed five innocent people and wounded four more at Trolley Square in Salt Lake City.

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Jimmer Fredette's name flooded the nation as he led the BYU Cougars to the Sweet 16 and received the Naismith college player of the year award. People even began using his name as a verb to describe getting scored on while playing basketball. "You got Jimmered!"

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Real Salt Lake wins MLS Cup

Real Salt Lake barely snuck into the 2009 MLS playoffs before making it to the championship game and winning in a shootout versus the L.A. Galaxy.

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Mission age change for LDS Church

Thomas S. Monson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, announced that worthy men would be able to serve missions at age 18 and women at 19 changing the previous ages from 19 for men and 21 for women.

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Utes Final Four appearance

The Utah Utes mens basketball team shocked the nation by making it to the Final Four and then squared off against Kentucky in the 1998 championship game. The Utes lost 78-69.

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1983 Utah flood

In 1983 spring precipitation brought flooding to the Salt Lake Valley.

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Utes undefeated football seasons

The Utah Utes mens football team has experienced two undefeated seasons. The first under head coach, Urban Meyer, in 2004 and again in 2008 under the direction of Kyle Whittingham.

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Kennecott Mudslide

The 2013 landslide at Kennecott Utah Copper's Bingham Canyon Mine got national attention when photos and videos of the slide appeared online. Surprisingly, no employees were hurt.

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Max Hall hates me

In a public relations nightmare of an interview after a rivalry game on November 29, 2009, BYU quarterback, Max Hall, went on a distasteful rant about the University of Utah fans and program. He later apologized and explained himself further.

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Elizabeth Smart was found

Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her home in 2002 and found in Sandy, Utah nine months later on March 12, 2003. Smart has been an inspiration to many.

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