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The downside of living alone — Family Studies

Nicholas Kristof: Chemicals in your popcorn? — The New York Times

Can you really be best friends with someone of the opposite sex? — Relevant

How 'Star Wars' can help you understand serious psychotic disorders — Pacific Standard

30 percent of Americans have had an alcohol-use disorder — Newsweek


Belgian Muslim community reminds us that peacefully 'living together' is the under-reported norm — The Huffington Post

Black Chicago pastor: Dems 'failing' us — The Daily Beast

Interfaith marriage is common in U.S., particularly among the recently wed — Pew Research Center

It’s OK to talk about your pain — Relevant

Should churches be ‘patriotic’? — The American Conservative


Last Oxford vote on admitting female students — BBC

How US students get a university degree for free in Germany — BBC

Michigan bill would add to regulations on homeschooling — The Daily Signal

This is what it takes to get a teacher fired around the country — The Huffington Post

Why technology alone won't fix schools — The Atlantic

Why did kindergarten become just another grade? — JSTOR

Obese children do worse at school—but it may not be their fault — Quartz

The TOMS of school uniforms — The Daily Beast

Family served arrest warrants for 'disturbing the peace' at graduation — CNN

If college is the same as high school, we can cut one — The Federalist

The futility of trying to attract (and retain) college graduates — Pacific Standard

Pandora founder: The most important career lesson I learned in college — Fortune


Mumford & Sons on plugging in and turning up — NPR

Stephen Colbert shaves his beard in first 'Late Show' promo — The Huffington Post

Want to live longer? Try a 24-hour shutdown — BBC

There’s still plenty of money in dumb phones — Quartz

Why Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's rivalry is actually amazing for music — Mic

Big-time Twitter investor: Google should buy Twitter — Mashable

'Silicon Valley' is the anti-'Entourage' — Vulture


How the Gates Foundation aims to cut childhood mortality in half — TIME

More billionaires agree to give away at least half their wealth to charity — The Huffington Post

Filmmaker wants to restore homeless man's faith in humanity. You can help — The Huffington Post

All your clothes are made with exploited labor — The Atlantic

Matching affordable housing with affordable working — CityLab


The simple attitude adjustment that earns you $3,000 more a year — Quartz

U.S. workers ask: Where’s my raise? — The Wall Street Journal

Nine reasons why Fed economists think Americans aren’t getting a raise — The Wall Street Journal

100% of standing desk users still die — The Daily Beast

The 5 most common frustrations of an entrepreneur — Forbes

Should a new college grad take a survival job? — Forbes

Five things you owe your employer and five you don't — Forbes

Chart: The most liberal and conservative jobs in America — The Washington Post

Facing elite bloat, Airlines move the goal posts — The New York Times

Vienna's recipe for living well — BBC

Detroit hopes to drive tech startups away from Silicon Valley — NPR

What Silicon Valley can learn from Seoul — The New York Times

13 things tech founders should look for in an incubator or accelerator — Mashable

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