A new Mormon Channel video from the "His Grace" series highlights the story of a man whose life was dominated by substance abuse for years before he turned to God and found peace.

After being abused as a child, Scott Harman tried to escape his pain with drugs and alcohol. Harman realized that these substances were not filling the void in his life, but he felt like he had gone too far for God's love.

“I always believed in God, but for a huge portion of my life, I didn’t feel God’s love," Harman said. "I felt unworthy of his love."

During his six years in prison, he found that reading the scriptures and going to the prison chapel helped him feel the peace he craved.

"Prison got me sober, but God and understanding the Atonement of Jesus Christ is what keeps me sober today," Harman said.

The video was released Wednesday as the eighth installment in the "His Grace" series from the Mormon Channel.