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Jamie Bestwick falls short of 10 in a row at X Games Austin

One point. One point was the difference at the BMX Vert competition at X Games Austin 2015 from an entire decade of dominance.

Jamie Bestwick, the discipline's most decorated rider, seeking his 10th straight gold medal, fell one point short to Vince Byron in front of Austin, Texas, crowds.

Bestwick gathered the gold medal from the presenter and placed it over the head of Vince Byron in a touching moment of the legend passing his gold onto Byron.

“This medal was mine to lose and today I came up short,” said Bestwick. “Vince’s run ended with his signature big trick and I did not do any big tricks today, but honestly I had so much fun out there in the competition today. Everyone rode incredibly well, and this sport is just the best and I have been blessed in my life to be in the sport I love for so long and to have the success that I have achieved. It was a true honor for me to pass along my medal to Vince today.”

Byron, who was visibly emotional while receiving his medal, struggled to put words together.

“Honestly, when Jamie put the medal around my neck I thought he was joking,” said Byron. “You couldn’t hear the announcers very well and when I finally realized that I had won, I was completely stunned. I have worked so very hard for this moment for such a long time. I have come close before but today, it finally happened. I’m speechless.”

Byron, who is sponsored by 50/50 BMX, was thankful to the local business for getting him to this gold medal.

He said, “50/50 took a chance on me when I was a young rider. They consistently make sure that I have the best equipment for me to train and compete with. They are such a great resource to me and any other rider that is lucky enough to be a part of the 50/50 family.”

Bob Burnquist moved his total X Games medal count one step closer to 30 after winning the Skateboard Big Air competition, marking his 28 total career medal at X Games.

“I love coming to X Games and being able to compete, the thrill of the event will never elude me,” said Burnquist.

Burnquist, who was competing with an injured wrist, reclaimed the top spot on the podium after taking silver to a rider more than half his age in 2014.

“It doesn’t matter what age you are in Big Air,” said Burnquist. “If you can land all of your tricks and create the cleanest run in the competition, you will win. The ramp is the greatest equalizer in the sport.”

X Games continues through Sunday and can be watched on ESPN and ABC.