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The single best piece of marriage advice ever given — TIME

How long does an average marriage last around the world? — Hopes and Fears

Here’s the one, absolute worst thing you could do before getting married — Quartz

How does a spouse who wants kids cope with having a spouse who doesn't? — Slate

Is it OK to humiliate your child online? — BBC

Dad posts powerful video about why it's wrong to publicly shame your kids online — Daily Dot

Charles M. Blow: Black dads are doing best of all — NYT Opinion

If you're a domestic violence survivor with unexplained symptoms, read this — The Huffington Post

Abortions fall in nearly every U.S. state, survey finds — TIME

When mom has a mental illness — Quartz


5 things to do while you wait on God — Relevant

How should Christians respond to abuse situations like the Duggars'? — Relevant

The surprising truth behind the Bible’s many metaphors for God — Relevant

Are Jezebel's weeds dominating the garden of your life? — Charisma

Saddleback Church raising $71 million for its largest expansion yet — The OC Register

The value of church buildings — Living Church

'Angels Food' devotionals: Church closures are heartbreaking — The Dalton Daily Citizen

More clergy, fewer church members: A good thing? — Juicy Ecumenism


Cavs' Matthew Dellavedova — a standout in the classroom and the court — NPR

Awe-inspiring chalkboard drawings from almost 100 years ago were discovered in a school — BuzzFeed

The rise of the 'gaming for good' movement — Newsweek

Idaho school district buys guns to ensure student safety — Gawker

Students find key error on SATs given across U.S. — The Washington Post

The truth behind your state's high school grad rate — NPR

Determined student dies on way to graduation — Newser

The plight of the disabled graduate — The Atlantic

Beyond college-ready: Top charter schools support graduates in college — NPR

The forces behind the decline of for-profit colleges — NPR

How universities turned themselves into global franchises — The New Republic

One chart shows just how many black and Latina women in STEM are mistaken for janitors — Mic

The student debt strike movement just got some serious backup — Mic

Language mystery redux: Who was the last American to speak this way? — The Atlantic


Why Apple's late push into streaming music won't be that easy — Bloomberg

Ariana Grande quotes Gloria Steinem, calls out media's double standard for women — Daily Dot

Crowe's 'whitewashing' sparks criticism from advocates — BBC

Critics say new reality show exploits struggling families — Fox News

10 TV shows that deserve their own movie — Mashable

‘Dinnertimin’ and ‘no tipping’: How advertisers targeted black consumers in the 1970s — The Atlantic

He’s the vice president, but at his son’s wake, ‘he’s one of us’ — The Daily Beast


The plight of the young and unemployed — The Washington Post

Hillary Clinton tells minimum wage fast food workers: 'I want to be your champion' — The Huffington Post

One way Walmart is motivating workers: Less Celine Dion on the PA system — Fortune

'Wounded Warrior' charity's new fight to enrich themselves — The Daily Beast

Gawker’s idealism is exactly what the labor movement needs — The New Republic

New York prison break: $100,000 reward offered in 'crisis situation' — Mashable

How a shuttered McDonald’s symbolizes the fight for peace in Ukraine — The Daily Signal


Why I defaulted on my student loans — The New York Times

If you really want to save energy at home, forget about your light switches — Vox

Upper East Side housewife’s tell-all book is full of lies — New York Post

Confessions of a closet introvert — Fortune

One job offer too many? — BBC

All the happy workers — The Atlantic

Six ways to identify your core passion and build a lucrative career around it — Forbes

4 ways taking a day off improves your work ethic — Elite Daily

The worst thing a job-seeker can do — Forbes

'Get the job offer, no matter what' - is it good advice? — Forbes

Exclusive: Tim Cook says lack of diversity in tech is 'our fault' — Mashable

Why human resources is dead — Forbes

Here’s proof that money does bring happiness—but so does old age — Quartz

Retire or rewire? How to approach your encore career — Fox Business

The best place to retire isn't Florida — USA Today

Mall's washed up? Not quite yet — The Daily Beast

The rich get richer: Venture capitalists are pouring money into India’s elite startups — Quartz

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