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Days of '47 Rodeo: Utah's Wesley Silcox, Kimmie Wall shine bright on second night

SALT LAKE CITY — After Wesley Silcox was crowned world champion back in 2007, and after seeing him deal with nagging injuries ever since, it was definitely good to watch him return home and get back on track for the second installment of the Days of ‘47 Rodeo Wednesday night at Energy Solutions Arena.

The Santaquin native had nearly a perfect ride and top score of 86 in the night’s Bull Riding Event to edge out Beau Hill’s and Boss Votaw’s scores of 81 to get back in the mix.

“Yeah (it was a good ride.) It feels great. This is one of the biggest rodeos of the year, and the season is looking good to be back here and get a ride like that here.”

After watching fellow Utahn Josh Frost’s success last night in the event and great performances from both Hill and Votaw tonight, Silcox calmly stepped up, rode his bull for the eight-second maximum as the crowd went wild and slid into first place with a tremendous score and the highlight of the night.

Coming off a difficult and trying three years, during which he was constantly battling tough injuries, Silsox's return to Utah was extremely satisfying for the defending world champ.

Silcox was familiar with his bull, as he had ridden him before and knew exactly what to do and expect.

With his hand in place and cap on firmly, the young cowboy finished the night with one of his best rides ever on that bull.

“I’ve seen that bull a couple times. He’s usually around to the right, but he went left this time and it was just a really good ride here in Salt Lake,” said Silcox. “It feels good to be back here in my home state. I’m only an hour away from my house and it just feels really good to be back. They’re really taking care of us here, putting a lot of money up and treating the cowboys good.”

Silcox wasn’t the only successful competitor from Utah Wednesday night at ESA.

In the girl’s Barrel Racing event, it was Kimmie Wall who stole the show.

The cowgirl from Roosevelt watched national powerhouses put up stellar times, including Christina Richman’s second-place time of 13.64 and Samantha Lyne’s impressive mark of 13.66, before running away with the top spot by posting a time of 13.59 to edge out the competition and put Utah on the map.

The $324,000 Days of ’47 Rodeo will continue Thursday with the third night of action getting underway at 7 p.m. at Energy Solutions.

Wednesday’s results

Barrel Racing: 1. Kimmie Wall, 13.59; 2. Christina Richman, 13.64; 3. Samantha Lyne, 13.66; 4. Morgan Breaux, 13.85

Team Roping: 1. Aaron Macy/Chad Williams, 4.40; 2. Seth Hall/Cole Sherwood, 4.80; 3. Justin Davis/Trey Johnson, 5.20

Steer Wrestling: 1. Dirk Tavenner, 4.6; 2. Cole Edge, 4.7; 3. Dakota Eldridge, 4.8; 4. Jacob Talley, 4.9

Tie Down Roping: 1. Timber Moore, 7.2; 2. Hunter Herrin, 7.7; 3. Clay Long, 7.7; 3. Catfish Brown, 7.9

Bull Riding: 1. Wesley Silcox, 86.0; 2. Beau Hill, 81.0; 3. Boss Votaw, 81.0

Bareback Riding: 1. Clint Cannon, 82.0; 2. Evan Jayne, 81.0; 3. Chase Erickson, 78.0; 3. Jake Vold, 78.0

Ryan Love is a full-time student and has been a part-time sportswriter for the Deseret News since Oct. 2012.

Follow him on Twitter @RLove7724