At the recent GOP presidential debate, the front-runner candidate, billionaire Donald Trump, made some remarkable revelations about how U.S. politics today are corrupted by big money. Here’s an excerpt: “I will tell you that our system is broken. I gave to many people, before this, before two months ago, I was a businessman. I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And do you know what? When I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them, they are there for me. And that’s a broken system.”

Donald Trump is not someone I’d like to see running this country. But I must question, how often is such a prominent politician so candid about the influence of big money in this country’s political system? Virtually never. Yet here was Trump, telling it like it is, on national TV!

We need to get big money — bribery — out of politics. We as American citizens need to demand a constitutional amendment declaring that money is not a form of “speech.” Here in Salt Lake City and other Utah municipalities we need to pass laws severely limiting how much money any person or group can give to politicians.

Tom Huckin

Salt Lake City