I am responsible for this. No one else is. I hope that through my actions in the rest of my life, that everything I do is to show that I am sorry and that this will never happen again.

PROVO — A 19-year-old Highland man accused of sexually assaulting two of his high school classmates has been sentenced to a year in jail to allow the girls to finish out their senior year.

Bowman Roger Daley apologized in court Tuesday following anguished statements from one victim and the mother of a second victim. Daley pleaded guilty following a preliminary hearing, he explained, to spare the girls and their families the anxiety of having to testify again if the case went to trial.

"I took this plea for you and your family," Daley repeated twice, calling each of the girls by name. "I am responsible for this. No one else is. I hope that through my actions in the rest of my life, that everything I do is to show that I am sorry and that this will never happen again."

Daley attributed his behavior to drug and alcohol abuse, as well as a pornography habit that "skewed his perceptions."

"I never want to drink alcohol or do drugs again, or look at pornography," he told the judge.

Originally charged with rape in each of the assaults, Daley pleaded guilty in June to reduced counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a 16- or 17-year-old, a third-degree felony. Daley was 18 at the time.

As part of the plea deal, prosecutors agreed to recommend jail rather than a prison sentence and to not pursue charges connected to an alleged third victim, according to court documents.

However, the jail sentence agreed upon as part of the plea agreement conflicted with recommendations from the Division of Adult Probation and Parole, which suggested prison time for Daley based on an apparent narcissistic attitude, lack of understanding, and an additional sexual offense dating back to his juvenile record.

After going to his chambers to consider the dilemma, 4th District Judge Derek Pullan sentenced Daley to 365 days in jail with no credit for previous time served, followed by probation. He noted that, should Daley violate probation, two suspended prison sentences of up to five years would take effect.

"Your selfish choices have left a wake of devastation in the lives of young people that is really unspeakable," Pullan told Daley as he handed down the sentence. "You can't understand at your age, frankly, the pain that you have caused."

According to court documents, one of the girls, who was 17 at the time, was asleep at a friend's house on March 8 and woke up to find Daley on top of her attempting to have sex with her. When the girl asked who he was, he responded, "It's Bo," and began apologizing, saying, "I'm sorry. I told you it was me."

The girl's mother spoke in court Tuesday, recounting the terrifying phone call she received from her daughter in Utah while she was out of state. She now struggles to sleep, requiring that a light be left on and the door be locked, as she battles lingering trauma.

"I have had may sleepless nights worrying about her and how this is going to affect her throughout her life," the mother said. "This has been my worst nightmare for my daughter."

On March 19, a 16-year-old girl was spending time with Daley when he started kissing her and "got touchy." Though she repeatedly told him "no" and "stop," Daley took the girl to a bedroom and began having sex with her, according to an affidavit. When she ran away into another room, Daley carried her back to the bed and resumed having sex with her.

Addressing the judge, the girl, who was 16 at the time of the attack, spoke of the anxiety she faced reporting what happened and the ongoing pain it has left her with, especially at the hands of her peers.

"I know this is the right choice, but I didn't think it would be nearly this bad," the girl said, trembling. "People say I'm the girl who lies about rape, that I want attention. … If this wasn't rape, then what is rape, really? I was crying, I said, 'No,' and I don't know how that was OK."

As part of his sentence, Pullan noted that if bullying or harassment of one of the victims still enrolled at the high school were ever connected back to Daley, "I will send you to prison."

"Anyone here in support of Bowman Daley who is doing that at the high school, stop it," Pullan said, addressing the court gallery. "Mr. Daley is here and has accepted responsibility. This is his fault, and that is what should be said at the high school."

Daley and his attorney spoke Tuesday of their confidence for successful rehabilitation. A doctor who will be overseeing Daley also testified, noting the now 19-year-old's progress in accepting responsibility as evidenced by his concern of how testifying in court might negatively impact the two victims.

Pullan also emphasized the importance of sex offender treatment.

"You are a dangerous person," the judge told Daley. "There are people who can help you, and you need that help."

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