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Company files lawsuit against Tooele County over sale of Miller Motorsports Park

FILE - Miller Motorsports Park on Friday, Feb. 27, 2015, Tooele, Utah.
FILE - Miller Motorsports Park on Friday, Feb. 27, 2015, Tooele, Utah.
Scott G Winterton,

TOOELE — A company whose proposal for new ownership of the Miller Motorsports Park was not selected is suing Tooele County and the development group that won the bid.

Wyoming-based Center Point Management filed a lawsuit in 3rd District Court on Wednesday, alleging Tooele County broke local and state law by "basing its decision on future benefits of uncertain value" rather than a verifiable bid analysis.

In August, Tooele County awarded the 511-acre facility to Mitime Investment and Development Group, which is a subsidiary of the China-based automotive firm Geely Group of Cos. Mitime Investment agreed to pay $20 million for the motorsports park and announced it would reopen it on New Year's Day and rename it Utah Motorsports Campus.

However, Center Point Management believes Tooele County is legally prohibited from selling to Mitime Investment based on the company's promises to make large financial investments in the sports park. The promises are too vague to include in the bid consideration process, the lawsuit claims.

"Mitime’s promise in (its bid) to employ its best efforts to fulfill its intentions and goals regarding future development of the property is unenforceable, illusory and is of no clear, certain or present benefit to the county," the lawsuit reads.

Center Point also said Mitime Investment's bid for the Miller Motorsports Park offered the lowest purchase amount out of all proposals submitted Tooele County.

The company is seeking an order preventing the sale of the facility to Mitime Investment.