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Next stop for USU football: Washington Huskies (+video)

LOGAN — The Aggies sit nationally ranked in the top 40 in nine different categories, including 15th in total defense. When they match up with Washington’s offensive powerhouse, Saturday’s ballgame will be a fight.

Offensively, the Aggies (1-1) have yet to score a touchdown in the first quarter this year. According to USU’s Ben Wysocki, “If you come out fast against them and get them on their heels fast, that’s how you beat them.”

Transfer Wysocki played in Seattle last year as a Bruin, with UCLA defeating Washington 44-30. The senior offensive lineman is eager to return to the hype, energy and even hostility of Husky Stadium.

“We’re going to have to hit them in the mouth first and that’s how you beat that team,” Wysocki said. “I don’t know how it’s going to be from a stadium standpoint, but the game we played against them last year, they were hyped up. The whole place was packed and I hope it’s like that this time. I like the hostile environments.”

Coach Matt Wells will take the field Saturday afternoon as a Husky Stadium first-timer.

“I’ve never been there. I’ve never played there and I’ve never coached there,” Wells said. “I saw it a couple of summers ago after the renovation. It’s a beautiful stadium and they did a tremendous job with it. I think it’s first class, so I would expect it to be a great atmosphere and our kids are excited to go up there and play on national television.”

Washington (1-1) takes on Utah State after dropping to Boise State in its season opener and most recently blowing Sacramento State out of Husky Stadium, 49-0.

“They’re a Pac-12 team, so you know they’re going to be loaded with talent,” senior nose guard David Moala said. “Washington will be another big game for us. We’ve got to get back to the fundamentals of football.”