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Book review: 'Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids' shares experiences, tips for serving in Primary

"SUNDAY LESSONS AND ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS," edited by Marci McPhee, Walnut Springs Press, $14.99, 146 pages (nf)

"Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids" reminds Primary workers and parents of the important work they are doing and offers helpful advice and humor along the way.

The book has five chapters with articles in each chapter that address all areas of serving in Primary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which includes classes for children 18 months to 11 years old. The chapters are "The Best Primary Lessons and Activities of All Time," "Serving in Primary," "The Power of Music," "Building a Celestial Nursery" and "Individual Child Situations." Each chapter offers a variety of wonderful advice, stories and tips from more than two dozen different contributors, to improve the Primary experience.

One lesson is about the service women give in the LDS Church and emphasizes their importance in building the kingdom of God. It discusses what women have done and continue to do for The LDS Church. There are also many helpful tips on how to prepare and perform the yearly Primary sacrament program. These are only a few of the many helpful articles featured in this book.

Additionally, handouts and figures supplement the lessons, and humorous comments from children during or about Primary are interspersed throughout. Scriptures and inspirational quotes remind readers of the purpose of Primary.

Marci McPhee, who edited and compiled these articles, is a founding writer for

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