In 2015, the Deseret News tracked 63 homicides that occurred in Utah, with an additional 10 homicides at the hands of police officers, marking only the second time in the past 10 years that the number of people killed at the hands of another in the state surpassed 60 deaths.

The criteria for a homicide, the killing of one human being by another, can vary somewhat. For its purposes, the Deseret News includes in its tally self-defense killings, officer-involved fatalities, accidental shootings and deaths on federal land within the state. Numbers compiled at the end of the year can also fluctuate as new homicides are discovered, for example, or as victims die in one calendar year from injuries suffered the previous year.

The above map illustrates the locations and summaries of homicides in Utah in 2015. The red markers represent shooting deaths, blue markers represent stabbing deaths and yellow markers represent death by assault or other means. Green markers represent officer-involved fatalities.

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Following is a look at the circumstances surrounding each of the homicide victims killed in Utah during 2015.

1. CLEARFIELD, Jan. 3 — Bobbie Jo Barnett, 35, died from a head injury after she was punched at a New Year's Eve party and fell and hit her head. Alcario Jesus Archuleta-Valdez, 33, was charged with criminal homicide by assault, a third-degree felony, and later pleaded guilty to class A misdemeanor assault. After speaking with witnesses at the party, investigators believe Archuleta-Valdez intended to hit Barnett and the attack was not a wayward punch or an accident. Motive: Unknown Method: Assault

2. SALT LAKE CITY, Jan 24 — Christian McDonald, 24, was found lying on the ground near 1224 E. Parkway Ave., with a gunshot wound in his torso and a handgun lying nearby. Police arrested Jeremiah Hart, 43, who had arrived at a local hospital that same night with a gunshot wound. Police later arrested Erick Burwell, 37. The victim's brother told police that he and McDonald had arranged a drug deal with Burwell. They met at a mall parking lot where Burwell picked them up and later picked up Hart. At gunpoint, Hart demanded that McDonald's brother give him the backpack containing the drugs, charges state. McDonald attempted to get his own gun, at which time Hart allegedly shot him in the chest, took the backpack and fled. Both Hart and Burwell are charged with murder. Alleged motive: Robbery, drugs Method: Shooting

3. NORTH LOGAN, Feb. 8 — Police say Amanda Hoyt, 26, was shot and killed by her boyfriend Christian Emerson, 26, who then turned the gun on himself. The couple was found in a vehicle in the North Ridge Estates area. Emerson died three days later of a gunshot wound to the head. Many questions remain unanswered, such as whether Emerson had been driving at the time shots were fired, where the couple was headed, and whether investigators believe the shootings were premeditated. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

4. UTAH STATE PRISON, Feb. 11 — Inmate Julio Guerrero, 23, died of asphyxiation and blunt force trauma during a fight with his cellmate, convicted murderer Mario Lucero, 34. Investigators have not identified a motive. Lucero is already serving a life sentence for murder. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Guerrero's death and was sentenced to one to 15 years in prison, with the sentence running concurrently with his ongoing prison term. Motive: Unknown Method: Assault

5. SYRACUSE, Feb. 13 — Brandon Beukers, 24, died from injuries he sustained after he entered a home Feb. 7, apparently confused about where he was, and was detained in a headlock by the homeowner. Beukers, who had autism, had sneaked out of the group home where he lived through a basement window and eventually ended up in the home of John Hislop, 1323 S. Banbury Drive. Hislop confronted Beukers as he tried to enter the home, believing he was an intruder. Beukers pushed his way into the house, and Hislop tackled him and put him in a headlock, holding him until he passed out. Beukers died at a hospital on Feb. 13. A decision on whether to final charges is expected in the next few weeks. Motive: Self-defense Method: Assault

6. OREM, Feb. 18 — Police say Riley Mecham, 24, took a shotgun and killed his grandmother's live-in boyfriend, Holden Sorenson, 65, in the home where they all lived, 475 E. 950 North. Mecham then went into the basement and shot himself with an AR-15 rifle. Police are unsure of a motive in the murder-suicide but say Mecham and Sorenson didn't get along. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

7. MILLCREEK, Feb. 22 — Modibo Diallo, 33, of Murray, got into a fight at a party and Ahmed Sharif-Mohamed Ali, 30, of Millcreek, allegedly shot him with a handgun he was carrying. Police tracked Ali from the site of the party, 1509 E. 3350 South, to a garage about three blocks away. Detectives said he was randomly knocking on doors looking for a place to hide before breaking into a garage. Ali is charged with murder. He has been found competent to stand trial and a hearing is scheduled for February. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

8. OGDEN, Feb. 23 — Police received multiple 911 calls reporting shots fired and found Steven C. Ferguson, 34, of Ogden, lying in the road in the 3500 block of Jefferson Avenue. He died at a hospital. Witnesses reported seeing a man in a white shirt and dark pants running north from the scene. No arrests have been made. Ferguson had a long criminal history and was last discharged from prison in 2007. Ferguson was involved in a high-profile 2003 gang fight that resulted in the death of a 12-year-old boy who was playing at a park when he was hit in the head by a stray bullet. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

9. WEST VALLEY CITY, Feb. 24 — Leslie Beus, 68, of West Valley City, died nearly four weeks after when he was viciously attacked. Police say Gerardo Enrique Perez, 19, of West Valley City, approached Beus, who was outside his home, 5682 W. Cape Vista Way, and without provocation started hitting him in the head "with a knife in one hand and a hammer in the other." Perez allegedly threatened several others, and when police attempted to arrest him in his house, they say he resisted even after a Taser and pepper spray were deployed. Perez is charged with aggravated murder. A disposition hearing is set for January. Motive: Unknown Method: Assault

10. WASHINGTON TERRACE, Feb. 27 — Lindsay Holbrook, 32, was suffocated and beaten to death in her apartment, 374 E. Ridgeland Drive, by Lyle Robert London, 38. Police discovered Holbrook's body when they went to her apartment to inform her that her car, driven by London, had been in an accident. London told police he had sex with Holbrook at her home and fell on top of her, possibly breaking her neck. He then put his belt around her throat, used duct tape to put pillows on her head, and hit her several times in the head with a baseball bat. London then hid her body in a closet. Police have not specified what their relationship was, calling them "associates." London killed himself in jail in June just days after pleading guilty to Holbrook's murder. As part of the plea, an obstruction of justice charge against London's wife was reduced. Shuree London is accused of helping her husband get money from Holbrook's accounts, all while knowing the woman was dead. Motive: Unknown Method: Assault

11. EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Feb. 27 — Elwin Dale Hitesman, 33, was shot and killed in an alleged domestic dispute with his wife, Tiana Hitesman, 31, in their Eagle Mountain home, 4125 E. Parkers Place. Tiana Hitesman called police and reported she had shot her husband, who had been investigated in the past for numerous domestic abuse charges. The couple's four children, ages 1 through 9, were in the home at the time but were sleeping. The Utah County Attorney's Office is still reviewing the case 10 months later, evaluating self-defense as a factor but considering possible charges. A determination is expected in January. Alleged motive: Self-defense, domestic Method: Shooting

12. WEST POINT, March 15 — Randy Lennell Lewis, 29, of Kansas City, Missouri, was allegedly shot by Jory Fenstermaker, 22, of Ogden, during an argument. Lewis used to date the woman who Fenstermaker was currently dating. She said the argument was "minor," but Fenstermaker pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Lewis. Lewis was shot once in the stomach and died at a hospital. The three of them were reportedly at the house for a "get-together" before it turned confrontational. The woman's two children were in the home sleeping. Police said drinking and drugs were involved. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for January. Alleged motive: Fight, domestic Method: Shooting

13. MURRAY, March 23 — David Marsh, 62, a longtime clerk at Lee Mart, was fatally shot by a man robbing the store. Surveillance video recorded two men with bandanas over their mouths running into the store, 5909 S. 700 West, shortly after Marsh unlocked the front door on March 18. After the men took the cash in the register, Marsh threw the empty drawer at them as they ran out. The video shows one man turning and shooting Marsh. Three were charged with murder: Martin Castillo, 19; Juan Andres Zalazar, 23; and Alexis Alan Garcia, 20. Zalazar allegedly pulled the trigger, though police say Castillo had tried to take credit for the killing to get into a gang. Zalazar allegedly told police that the three planned for Castillo and Garcia to enter a store with their guns, but that only Castillo's would be loaded so he could "prove himself." Castillo pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery in exchange for the murder charge being dropped. Alleged motive: Robbery, gangs Method: Shooting

14. SALT LAKE CITY, April 5 — Michael Ramirez, 27, was found beaten to death in Roberto Carlos Munoz's garage, 1267 W. 900 South. Munoz, who Ramirez's mother said was her son's friend since childhood, beat Ramirez to death with a "large TASER/flashlight tool" because he wouldn't loan him money, despite having $1,400 cash in his pocket. Police recovered Ramirez's empty wallet and clothes with blood on them in Munoz's room. Munoz, 29, pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. Motive: Robbery Method: Assault

15. BALLARD, Uintah County, April 11 — Tyson Marcartin Antonio, 23, was shot in the head allegedly at the hands of his brother, Craig Anthony Antonio, 28, during an argument while they were high on meth. Police responded to 1479 S. 1500 East when their mother called 911 to report she had found one of her sons dead in her home. At the time of the shooting, there was an active warrant for Craig Antonio's arrest after he failed to appear in a drug possession case. Craig Antonio was found incompetent to stand trial in August. Alleged motive: Fight, domestic Method: Shooting

16. FRUITLAND, Duchesne County, April 13 — Milinda Wright, 36, and Gordon James "Jimmy" Wright, 45, both of Lehi, were found dead with gunshot wounds in a family vacation home. Police believe Jimmy Wright shot his wife in the kitchen before shooting himself. Investigators do not believe the shooting was premeditated. No evidence of alcohol use was found in the house. No suicide note was found. Jimmy Wright had a history of domestic violence and drunken driving arrests. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

17. BRIGHAM CITY, April 15 — Spencer Gerlach, 21, stabbed his recently divorced wife more than a dozen times, then called police to report what he had done. Keltsie Gerlach, 19, died from her wounds at 691 S. 600 East. Spencer Gerlach was there to visit his 15-month-old daughter but got into a jealous "rage" as he said his ex-wife was being flirtatious with another man on the phone. He put the baby in her crib, then stabbed his ex-wife repeatedly. Gerlach pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. Motive: Jealousy, domestic Method: Stabbing

18. OREM, May 2 — An Orem man shot and killed Taulagi V. Matafeo, 26, as he attempted to steal a woman's car in the parking lot of Macey's, 880 N. State. Steven Gary Koeven, 31, was parked near the woman and overheard her screams as Matafeo pulled her out of her Mercedes SUV. Koeven ran to her aid with his gun drawn and shot Matafeo once in the chest as Matafeo lunged toward him and grabbed his gun. Police said Koeven owns a concealed weapons permit and was on his way to go target shooting. Prosecutors ruled the shooting was legally justified. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting

19. PLEASANT GROVE, May 3 — Christian Chichia, 24, was shot and killed as police say he attempted to break into a townhouse. About 5:45 a.m., Chichia began pounding on the door of the home near 1749 W. 60 South, then climbed up to the balcony. Homeowner Jordan Morris, who was armed, opened the balcony door and Chichia lunged toward the door. Morris then closed the door and fired one shot through it, striking Chichia, police say. Chichia had moved into another townhouse a couple of buildings down just two weeks earlier. Friends said he was intoxicated and likely confused by the identical row of townhouses. Prosecutors ruled the homeowner's actions were legally justified. Motive: Self-defense Method: Shooting

20. OGDEN, May 3 — Francisco Lopez, 18, died after being shot several times at 7th Street and Harrison Boulevard. Nearby police heard the shots and found Lopez, who was pronounced dead at a hospital. Family members said Lopez was not in a gang, but they believe the shooting may have been gang-related. No arrests have been made. Motive: Unknown, gangs Method: Shooting

21. LAYTON, May 11 — James "JJ" Sieger, 2, died after police say he was brutally abused by his mother's boyfriend, Joshua Schoenenberger, 35, allegedly became frustrated while potty training the boy after he soiled his diaper at Schoenenberger's home, 224 E. 1450 North, on May 9. Police say Schoenenberger smeared feces on the boy's face, then took him to a bathroom to wash off. The toddler urinated and defecated as Schoenenberger held him at eye level, and Schoenenberger told police he squeezed JJ and dropped him onto the floor, then stepped on him. Schoenenberger and JJ's mother, Jasmine Bridgeman, 23, took the boy to a hospital. He died two days later. Schoenenberger is charged with aggravated murder and child abuse. Bridgeman is charged with obstruction of justice. Alleged motive: Abuse, domestic Method: Assault

22. MILLCREEK, May 29 — Gildardo Toledo, 32, was found dead of a gunshot wound in his ex-girlfriend's home, 875 Meadowbrook Expressway. Toledo was house-sitting for the mother of his child while she was out of town with their daughter. He had been dead for several days when he was found. Alisha Hope Moore, 29; Richard Trujillo, 27; Francisco Garcia, 34; and Sarah Ortiz, 25, were all charged with murder and aggravated robbery after police say they went to rob Toledo and ended up shooting him during a struggle. Trujillo is accused of firing the shot that killed him. Preliminary hearings for Moore, Trujillo and Garcia are scheduled for Jan. 7. Alleged motive: Robbery Method: Shooting

23. SALT LAKE CITY, June 1 — Anthony Paul Hernandez, 36, was found shot dead near 800 N. Riverside Drive along the Jordan River Parkway trail. Hernandez was reportedly homeless. Salt Lake police say they were familiar with Hernandez, who was either a suspect or person of interest in several current investigations into violent incidents around the homeless shelter. No arrests have been made. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

24. SALT LAKE CITY, June 1 — Audrianna Mains, 24, died a week after police say her boyfriend deliberately ran over her with his car. On May 21, Anthony Robert Vigil, 30, allegedly hit Mains near 200 W. Mead Ave. and then fled the scene. Vigil had been in an argument with Mains' mother, got into his car and drove toward her to scare her. Vigil then swerved toward the mother, hitting Mains and her brother instead, police say. He was allegedly traveling 40 mph and the woman flew 100 feet. Vigil is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight, domestic Method: Vehicular assault

25, 26. MURRAY, June 7 — Johnathon Reeves, 30, a veteran receiving treatment through the veterans court, shot his fiancée, Jaime Salazar, 24, and their son, 2-year-old Jordan Reeves, in their home, 224 E. Vantana Court, before turning the gun on himself. Salazar's three children from a previous marriage, ages 8 through 11, were in the apartment at the time but were physically unharmed. Friends said Salazar had told others she was planning to leave Reeves. Police were en route to the home on a report that Reeves was arguing with Salazar and with her mother over the phone when the shootings occurred. Police had been to the home several times for domestic violence incidents, weapons violations and reports of suicidal persons. Motive: Fight, domestic Method: Shooting

27. WEST VALLEY CITY, June 10 — Marco Paul Cardenas, 22, was shot and killed after an argument on a UTA bus with 15-year-old Marqus Paul James. The argument, which police say was over gang affiliations, continued when the two got off the bus near 3500 South and 5600 West. The teen fired five shots at Cardenas as he ran, striking him in the chest. James fled through nearby fields and across some yards before officers arrested him. James, now 16, pleaded guilty in juvenile court to firing a weapon at another person, then pleaded guilty as an adult to manslaughter with a gang enhancement. He will be confined in a youth facility until he is eventually sentenced for the manslaughter charge. Motive: Gangs Method: Shooting

28. FORT DUCHESNE, Uintah County, June 14 — Sean Lawrence Checora, 20, was killed in what was initially reported as a drive-by shooting on the Uintah-Ouray Indian Reservation. The FBI later learned the drive-by story was false and the shooting was accidental. Checora was hit once in the chest outside a home. Yet Checora's friend, Tyrell Sowsonicut, 18, was arrested and pleaded guilty in Ute Tribal Court to criminal homicide and was sentenced to three years behind bars, according to family members. Motive: Accidental Method: Shooting

29. 30. 31. ROY, June 22 — Russell Smith, 29, shot his wife, Shawna Smith, 26, and their two children, 6-year-old Tylee Smith and 2-year-old Blake Smith, before turning the gun on himself. Family members discovered the bodies in the couple's home, 2106 W. 4750 South, when they went to check on them on Father's Day. Neighbors and police indicated the couple kept to themselves but seemed happy and had no history of domestic violence, though search warrants later revealed Shawna Smith was preparing to leave her husband. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

32. SOUTH SALT LAKE, July 4 — Police performing a welfare check found the decomposing body of Bhoti Subba, 38, at her apartment, 2860 S. 200 East, in bed with an extension cord wrapped around her neck. Her neck had also been cut twice. Investigators believe she had been dead for about three days. Dil Bahadur Magar, 25, of South Salt Lake, is charged with murder and aggravated burglary. A hearing is scheduled for Jan. 4. Motive: Unknown Method: Strangulation

33. OGDEN, July 6 — William Patrick Hicks, 32, was found shot to death lying in the road at 2900 Childs Ave. Andrew Dominic Esquer, 31, is charged with murder. Police believe the shooting was sparked during an argument about money and a prior theft allegation. Esquer said he fired a sawed-off shotgun at Hicks after Hicks "disrespected him," court documents state. A jury trial is scheduled for August. Alleged motive: Fight, money Method: Shooting

34. SALT LAKE CITY, July 7 — Police found the body of Edward Walker, 57, in his room at 1459 S. Roberta St. when they went to the home to perform a welfare check. Police indicated there was evidence of a homicide at the scene but have still not released any details. Investigators called Jill Rae Montoya, 34, an associate of Walker, a person of interest in the case, but no arrests have been made. Motive: Unknown Method: Unknown

35. WEST VALLEY CITY, July 9 — Police say Fidenzo Urcino, 20, was fatally stabbed by David Louis Candelario, 21, during a gang-related fight. His body was found on the lawn of an apartment, 1501 W. 2320 South. The two allegedly got into a verbal argument at a party before taking their confrontation outside. At some point, Urcino flashed a handgun tucked in his waistband and pulled it out, police say. Gunshots were heard before witnesses saw the two men get into a physical confrontation. Candelario claimed self-defense. No charges have been filed, but the investigation is still considered active. Alleged motive: Fight, gangs Method: Stabbing

36. WEST VALLEY CITY, July 17 — Police say 12-year-old Kailey Vijil was killed by a 15-year-old neighbor boy who lured the girl from her home, strangled her and left her body in a horse pasture near 5200 West and 3600 South. Kailey was found naked with her Batman pajamas strewn on the ground near her body and a shirt wrapped around her neck, and DNA evidence on Kailey's body matched the teenager. Police and neighbors said the boy had attempted to lure other young girls out of their homes, asking for their help to find a cat, before he knocked on Kailey's door. The boy, now 16, is charged in juvenile court with aggravated murder and rape of a child. Motive: Unknown Method: Strangulation

37. WEST VALLEY CITY, July 25 — Steven Louis Valdez, 63, was shot and killed in a struggle at his home, 4150 S. Blue Jay Street (4985 West), over an alleged drug dealing rivalry. Eddie Salazar, 41; Bernadette Ramirez, 47; and Arturo Frias-Gonzales, 24, allegedly shot and beat Valdez in his home. Valdez's niece, who said she saw the trio with weapons standing next to her badly bleeding uncle, escaped their gunfire and fled out of the window with her infant. However, Ramirez and Frias-Gonzales caught up with the woman outside the home and forced her into an SUV, charges state. The two allegedly ordered her to tell police she witnessed "a home invasion robbery by a gang of masked men." A hearing is scheduled for March 24. Alleged motive: Drugs Method: Shooting

38. WEST VALLEY CITY, Aug. 7 — Maria Maricela Astorga-Chavez, 32, of West Valley, was strangled sometime between Aug. 7 and 9, and her body was left on the side of I-70 in Summit County, Colorado. Francisco Jesus Huerta-Martinez, 34, is charged with murder and aggravated robbery. Astorga-Chavez was last seen Aug. 6 dropping off her son at her sister's home in Salt Lake County before getting into a vehicle with Martinez. Her body was found inside two blankets wrapped together by an electrical cord. Police believe Martinez fled to Mexico after the killing. Motive: Unknown Method: Strangulation

39. WEST VALLEY CITY, Aug. 17 — Police called to 3488 S. Park Vista Drive (5120 West) found the bodies of Monica Tapia and Francisco Javier Tapia, both 51, and both with fatal gunshot wounds. The couple's teenage son called police to report the deaths after waking up to find a note in his father's handwriting that had been slipped under his door saying, "Call 911." The boy said his parents had been arguing that night as he fell asleep. The Tapias had a history of domestic violence, but police were never called to at least two violent episodes in the weeks leading up to the deaths, apparently stemming from the fact that Monica Tapias had a boyfriend, according to police. Motive: Fight, domestic Method: Shooting

40. MAGNA, Aug. 17 — The body of Stevan Ryan Chambers, 26, was found lying in the street near 2900 S. 9075 West with at least one gunshot wound. Police believe his death is likely connected to the shooting of an acquaintance, Shelli Marie Brown, 26, who was found shot in the same area two days later. No arrests have been made, but investigators suspect a former boyfriend of Brown may be involved in both killings. A woman claimed Chambers drugged and assaulted her on the morning of Aug. 15, and by that night, Chambers was being "held against his will" in a garage by others "for the purpose of questioning Stevan about (the woman's) accusations," a search warrant states. Police say he was held hostage on Aug. 15 and 16 and was seen in the early hours of Aug. 17 being chased by the woman he had allegedly assaulted and others. His body was discovered shortly after. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

41. MAGNA, Aug. 20 — Shelli Marie Brown, 26, was found dead in Copper Park, 8941 W. 2600 South, just two days after an acquaintance was shot and killed just a few blocks away. Police suspect the shootings of Brown and Stevan Ryan Chambers, 26, are connected and that a former boyfriend of Brown may be involved in both deaths, but no arrests have been made. Investigators say the same gun was used to kill Chambers was also used to shoot Brown. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

42. OGDEN, Aug. 23 — Corbin McGuire, 18, was riding his bike near 2300 Van Buren Ave. when he was shot multiple times and left lying in the road. He died at a hospital three days later. A silver car was seen fleeing the area. No arrests have been made. Police believe the shooting was gang-related. Motive: Gangs Method: Shooting

43. MONTEZUMA CREEK Aug. 28 — Anthony John Judy, 31, was shot in the chest during a drunken fight with Raymus Sheldon Whitehorse, according to authorities. Whitehorse, 25, was indicted in September by a federal grand jury for manslaughter within Indian Country. A jury trial is set for late February. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

44. HERRIMAN, Aug. 29 — Blake Burningham, 24, died after police say he was punched in the side of the head by his girlfriend's brother. Burningham and his Sandy girlfriend were involved in a verbal fight that escalated into a physical assault, and the girlfriend called her brother, Cole Pedersen, 25, to pick her up near the Herriman home, 5973 W. Moon Shadow Dr. Pedersen then returned to the home and confronted Burningham, and the two began arguing and shoving one another, police say. Burningham collapsed with multiple facial fractures when he was punched and went into cardiac arrest. Pedersen is charged with manslaughter. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Assault

45. MURRAY, Sept. 6 — Fred C. Mustain Jr., 38, was shot in the chest multiple times at a house under construction, 527 E. Vine St. A passing bicyclist heard his cries. He died hours later at a hospital. No arrests have been made. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

46. RIVERDALE, Sept. 13 — Horacio Mendez Sanchez, 35, of Logan, was found shot to death along the Riverdale Parkway trail, marking the first homicide in the city in 30 years. Luciano Silva, 20, is charged with murder. Police said the two men were acquaintances and were talking on the trail when Sanchez asked to see Silva's gun. Silva told police he took out the handgun and allowed Sanchez to see it, but something prompted a struggle over the gun and Sanchez was shot. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

47. SUNSET, Sept. 15 — Police say Tyler Eastabrook, 31, was stabbed to death by Michael Scott Ennis, 34, who is charged with murder. Both Ennis and Eastabrook have children with the same woman and allegedly got into a confrontation at her home, 2300 N. 250 West. Relatives said the woman and Ennis had separated a year earlier, and Eastabrook had recently moved in with the woman to be with his daughter. Ennis came to the home and was asked to leave. Eastabrook followed Ennis out when he left the apartment and was found dead of a single stab wound to the chest near a storage area outside. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Stabbing

48. 49. 50. SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 18 — Heike Poike, 50, her 2-month-old granddaughter Lyrik Poike, and Dakota Smith, 28, were all shot to death inside their home at 639 N. Sir Phillip Dr. (1990 West). Alexander Hung Tran, 32, is charged with three counts of aggravated murder. Police discovered the three, who rented the upstairs of Tran's home, after Poike failed to pick up her 8-year-old grandson from school. Four days earlier, Tran's mother apparently told him she wanted the renters out of the home. On the day of the shooting, police say Tran called his mother and said "the people upstairs were gone." The mother told police Tran was diagnosed as "paranoid schizophrenic." Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

51. FREMONT, Wayne County, Oct. 4 — A 17-year-old boy is charged in juvenile court with manslaughter and abuse or desecration of a dead body after a fight involving three family members resulted in the death of his uncle, Jerimiah Randall James, 32, at their home, 34 S. 300 West. Police say the boy struck his uncle in the head with an MP3 player and then choked him until he was unconscious. The incident wasn't reported until the next day when police found James' body on the living room floor. Alleged motive: Fight, domestic Method: Strangulation

52. UINTA-WASATCH-CACHE NATIONAL FOREST, Cache County, Oct. 10 — Zachary Woodruff, 10, of Smithfield, was accidentally shot and killed while on a hunting trip with family members near Red Spur Mountain. Zachary was reportedly sitting on the floorboard of an ATV to stay warm about 7:30 p.m. when a hunting companion's rifle went off while the hunter was removing the firearm from a second ATV. No charges will be filed. Motive: Accidental Method: Shooting

53. WEST VALLEY CITY, Oct. 11 — The bodies of Noelia Popoca, 39, of Salt Lake City, and Manuel "Miguel" Roque Garcia, 58, were found in a trailer at 2649 W. 2680 South. Police believe their deaths were the result of a murder-suicide. Garcia died from an apparent hanging, but police said there was no obvioius cause of death for Popoca and were still waiting for results of toxicology tests. Police said the two had a "sporadic romantic relationship." Popoca's children had gone looking for her after she didn't come home to care for a younger sibling. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Unknown

54. BOUNTIFUL, Oct. 14 — Police say Sione Mangisi, 37, died from injuries after being punched repeatedly by his wife's ex-husband, Heneli "Henry" Kaufusi, 35. Witnesses told police Kaufusi stomped on Mangisi and punched him repeatedly while he was on the ground. He then stepped away and "took out a cellphone and appeared to take a picture of the victim," before going back and continuing to stomp on the man, according to police. Mangisi was visiting from Hawthorne, California, to see his children, who live with their mother and Kaufusi at their home, 3534 S. Lexington Drive. Kaufusi is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight, domestic Method: Assault

55. MONUMENT VALLEY, Oct. 30 — The body of Rojaer Nelson, 32, was found near a car parked on the shoulder of state Route 163 in San Juan County. He had three stab wounds to the abdomen and there was blood on the front of his clothing. Nelson's brother, Rodale Nelson, 31, was charged with murder after telling deputies the two men had been fighting. Rodale Nelson's knife was found nearby. He had blood on his hands and had other injuries consistent with a struggle, deputies said. Alleged motive: Fight, domestic Method: Stabbing

56. 57. EAST MILLCREEK, Oct. 30 — Jesse Lyle Bruner, 34, and Russell "Rusty" Reed Jacobs, 47, both died after shooting each other at close range on the street near 3700 South and 3100 East. Police say Bruner attempted to kick down Jacobs' door in the night. Jacobs grabbed a gun and went outside with his wife and 18-year-old son. Jacobs went back inside, got dressed and returned outside with another gun. After several minutes of searching his yard, Bruner appeared and asked to come inside. Jacobs then followed Bruner down the street and told Bruner he knew who he was. Police say Bruner fired a shotgun, hitting Jacobs' outstretched left hand and chest. Jacobs fired four shots back, hitting Bruner once through his arm and into his chest. Both men died at the scene. The son accompanied his father and witnessed both shootings. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

58. VENICE, Sevier County, Nov. 22 — William Muir, 39, is charged with murder in the shooting death of David Rioja, 36, during an apparent brawl. Emergency crews sent to a Venice residence on a report of shots fired located Rioja, shot in the chest. About the same time, Muir called 911 reporting he had been assaulted. A woman at Muir's house told officers Muir had come to the house looking like he had been assaulted and then left. When he returned a second time, he was carrying a gun, court documents state. Police recovered a .38 special revolver from the house. Alleged motive: Unknown fight Method: Shooting

59. SANDY, Nov. 23 — Police are investigating the death of Marco Antonio Ibanez, 20, as a homicide after finding him shot in a basement. Police were unsure whether Ibanez was subletting or just visiting the rented house at 1365 E. 8085 South. No weapon was found at the scene. No arrests have been made. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

60. MEXICAN HAT, San Juan County, Dec. 1 — A 45-year-old man is suspected of killing Maranny "Marena" Holiday, 63, within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation in Utah. His name has not been released. Investigators said the killing might stem from "an apparent land dispute." Police later found the man's truck where it had become stuck in the desert near Mexican Hat. Holiday's body was found hidden under a tree in Utah. The man was located in the desert and surrendered peacefully three days later, having walked about 30 miles. Alleged motive: Land dispute Method: Shooting

61. PLEASANT VIEW, Weber County, Dec. 20 — Kyson Mikehal Cleary, 2 weeks old, died of "severe force trauma injuries" allegedly inflicted by his father, Krystopher Cleary, 20, of Pleasant View. Cleary is charged with murder, accused of causing severe injuries to his infant son's head, eyes and collarbone on Dec. 16. The baby was taken off life support four days later. The parents said the baby had been crying and wouldn't stop. Alleged motive: Abuse Method: Assault

62. WEST VALLEY CITY, Dec. 22 — Eric Carter, 49, was found dead in the middle of the road near 5000 W. Royal Ann Dr. (4490 South) after he jumped into the bed of a pickup truck carrying a stolen trailer that Carter had borrowed from a friend. At some point, police say the truck stopped and the three occupants confronted and fought Carter before he was run over by the trailer and killed. Jesse Searle, 34; Jeanette Miner, 26; and Jay Urry, 41, are each charged with murder, robbery and burglary. Alleged motive: Robbery Method: Vehicular assault

63. OREM, Dec. 28 — Brittany Engstrom, 27, was found shot to death in her Orem apartment. Police suspect Army veteran David Brigham Driscoll, 37, of Eagle Mountain, who dated Engstrom, shot her, then shot and killed himself following a two-hour standoff with police in the parking lot of the Ranches Golf Club in Eagle Mountain. Engstrom was scheduled to testify against Driscoll the next day in an aggravated sexual abuse of a child case. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting


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