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EITC works

While I disagree with the editorial board about the minimum wage, your recent editorial ("Earned Income Tax Credit provides better poverty relief than raising the minimum wage," Jan. 12) raises an unassailable point: the EITC is a program that works. The EITC keeps millions out of poverty, including thousands of children right here in Utah. And it helps the working poor climb out of poverty. Recent studies show that infants whose parents apply for the EITC have a higher birth weight than their peers who don't. As they reach school age, these children have higher test scores and lower teen pregnancy rates, increasing the odds they attend college and earn higher wages. Thanks in part to the Deseret News' sustained advocacy about the EITC, we were able to make the pro-family provisions of the EITC permanent. But our work is not done. Both Speaker Ryan and President Obama agree that the EITC should be expanded in the same way; they just disagree how to pay for it. But that should not hold up expansion. The research shows the EITC essentially pays for itself.

David Billings

Salt Lake City