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High school football: Lots to be sorted out in Region 2, entering the final week of the season (+rankings)

With just one week of football play remaining, absolutely nothing has been resolved in Region 2 for postseason positioning. There's not a region champion, any other assigned seeding, nor even a single team that's secured a spot in the playoffs in what has proven to be a very balanced region.

It's all the result of six teams heading into the week with a 3-2 region record, setting up a bevy of different possibilities with all six teams playing one more region game before postseason play. Davis (3-2 in Region 2 play) will travel to take on Layton (3-2); Hunter (3-2) will host Syracuse (3-2) while Granger (3-2) will meet up with Viewmont (3-2).

High school football standings

Only four of the six teams can advance to the postseason, setting up several tiebreaker and play-in possibilities at the conclusion of Wednesday's slate of games.

"I've never seen anything like this. It's nuts," said Layton coach Jim Batchelor, who is in his 12th year coaching the Lancers. "The fun thing is that all six teams will be playing another game after this Wednesday, regardless of what happens. But we'll do our best to avoid that play-in scenario, and I'm certain that's the same for everyone."

Layton did well in muddling up the Region 2 playoff picture by pulling off an upset win over Viewmont on Thursday. The Lancers pulled off a last-minute drive to come away with a hard-fought 24-17 win and will look to finish out strong versus the Darts.

"We had a little burp, you could say, midway through the season, but feel like we're playing well and we're healthy, now," Batchelor said. "But Davis is a very good football team, and we'll have to be at our best to beat them."

Davis dropped to 3-2 in region due to being thumped by Hunter 31-7 last Thursday. The Wolverines appear to be peaking late and are cautiously optimistic about their chances in taking on Syracuse on Wednesday.

"Syracuse will be coming off of a bye, and it's a very good team," said Hunter coach Scott Henderson. "But I like how we're playing. I've seen a lot of maturing on this team, and we're playing a lot more disciplined than we were early on in the season, and we're healthier than we've been. When we have all our players available we usually do well. When we don't, it's been another story, usually."

The Wolverines have peaked by just playing their brand of style, according to Henderson.

"Hunter football is just taking it right at teams — using a downhill running game and that's what we've been doing well," he said. "It's been that way at Hunter for a long time and we're at our best when we're playing that type of system well."

With regards to what Wednesday's three winning teams will be seeded come the postseason, there's too many tie-breaking scenarios to list.

"All we can focus on is winning and the rest will be figured out," Henderson said. "There's a lot of things to keep track of with the tiebreakers, but we're just focused on getting in. That's what is important."

The three teams losing on Wednesday will enter a three-team play-in scenario with just one of those teams entering postseason play.

Class 5A

Team Rec. Pv.

1. Bingham 9-0 1

2. Lone Peak 8-1 2

3. Fremont 8-1 5

4. Roy 6-2 3

5. Jordan 6-2 4

Class 4A

Team Rec. Pv.

1. East 9-0 1

2. Alta 9-0 2

3. Springville 9-0 3

4. Olympus 8-1 4

5. Highland 6-2 5

Class 3AA

Team Rec. Pv.

1. Dixie 5-3 1

2. Desert Hills 6-2 2

3. Stansbury 8-1 3

5. Tooele 8-1 4

4. Pine View 6-2 5

Class 3A

Team Rec. Pv.

1. Morgan 7-2 1

2. Juan Diego 5-3 2

3. Juab 6-3 3

4. Delta 6-3 4

5. Grantsville 4-5 5

Class 2A

Team Rec. Pv.

1. Summit Academy 8-1 1

2. South Summit 8-1 2

3. San Juan 8-1 3

4. Beaver 8-1 4

5. Enterprise 7-2 5

Class 1A

Team Rec. Pv.

1. Kanab 8-1 1

2. Duchesne 7-1 2

3. Diamond Ranch 4-3 3

4. Layton Christian 7-2 4

5. Rich 4-4 5


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