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Deseret News Rewind: Breaking down the 5A football playoffs

Dane Stewart and Dusty Litster briefly recap the week's results in 5A, and then break down every 5A playoff first-round matchup.

5A state tournament

Tuesday’s Region 2 3-way play-in game

At West High School

Hunter (4-6) vs. Granger (6-4), 4 p.m.

Hunter/Granger winner vs. Layton (6-3), 5:30 p.m.

Next Friday’s first round (unless noted)

Upper bracket

Viewmont (6-4) at Jordan (7-2)

Northridge (4-6) at Lone Peak (9-1)

Region 4 No. 4 at Roy (7-2)

West Jordan (8-2) at Syracuse (6-3)

Lower bracket

Pleasant Grove (6-4) at Fremont (8-1)

Taylorsville (4-6) at Davis (7-3)

Region 2 No. 4 at Bingham (10-0)

Sky View (6-3) at Lehi (7-3)

Note: Davis, Syracuse and Viewmont tied for first in Region 2, and finished first, second and third respectively after a three-way coin flip. Also in Region 2, Hunter, Granger and Layton all tied for the last seed and will have a three-way play-in game on Tuesday at West High School. In Region 4, Herriman and American Fork tied for fourth and will have a play-in game next week.