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17 of the funniest tweets about #MormonMafia

Screenshot via @McKayCoppins
Screenshot via @McKayCoppins
Screenshot via @McKayCoppins

“Leave the cannoli, take the Jello.”

That is just one of the few jokes that social media users told alongside a #MormonMafia hashtag on Wednesday night,

As the Huffington Post reported, the social media trend was born after Fox Business host Lou Dobbs sent out an angry tweet this past weekend against Evan McMullin, a third party candidate who’s seen recent success in Utah.

Dobbs said that McMullin is helping the “Mormon Mafia” affect the election results.

McMullin responded to Dobbs claims:

Dobbs' tweet received a heavy amount of retweets on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, prompting Twitter users to share the #MormonMafia hashtag and make playful jokes on what a “Mormon Mafia” would be like. are some of the funniest tweets, which show just how ... nice ... a Mormon Mafia would be.

Herb Scribner is a writer for Deseret Digital Media.