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WATCH: Every single dad joke from Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate

SHARE WATCH: Every single dad joke from Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate

The vice presidential debate between Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine on Monday night truly turned into a spectacle of dad jokes.

The Huffington Post put together a highlight reel of all the one-line zingers and #dadjokes that the candidates said during the vice presidential debate, showing that both men, who are fathers in real life, haven’t lost their touch to throw out a good old-fashioned knee-slapper.

You can watch the video below:

Members of the media and viewers of the debate both highlighted these dad jokes, too, while the debate happened. In fact, leading up to the event, critics said that both Kaine and Pence had qualities that were not unlike a stereotypical dad.

By the debate’s end, it appeared the dad jokes worked for Pence more than Kaine, as the GOP vice presidential nominee won the CNN/ORC post-debate poll 48 to 42 percent. Kaine also did less than what was expected by those voters, with 43 percent saying he didn't live up to their expectations. However, 38 percent said Kaine exceeded expectations.

But David Leonhardt of The New York Times opined that Pence only won on style and debate skills, rather than on his substance, given that he didn’t defend his running mate Donald Trump. Daniel Dale of The Toronto Star reported that Pence made 17 false claims during the debate as well.

“If there were no such thing as facts, I too would have scored the debate as a narrow Pence win (at least until the last few minutes, when he ducked a thoughtful question about his religious faith and instead attacked Hillary Clinton),” Leonhardt wrote for The Times. “Pence was mostly calm and composed, while Kaine often seemed eager to interrupt.”

Still, early polls show Pence earned the victory. But it may not matter for his party in the general election, according to CNN.

“With a CNN poll showing a Pence victory, Republicans finally have reason to cheer again. Trump himself should see how much preparation paid off for his running mate," David Gergen, a CNN senior political analyst, wrote. "But now it is up to the candidate to show he can win at this game, too: the upcoming debate this Sunday in St. Louis is make or break for Trump.”

Herb Scribner is a writer for Deseret Digital Media.