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Which Utah college is the best? New rankings offer clues

Stanford University sits atop the rest as the best college in the United States (paywall), according to The Wall Street Journal.

This finding comes from the inaugural Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education ranking of American colleges. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Columbia University sit right behind Stanford, with University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Harvard University, Duke University, Princeton University, Cornell University and the California Institute of Technology rounding out the top 10 schools, according to Times of Higher Education.

The rankings come after the Times of Higher Education conducted a survey of more than 100,000 current college and university students, with questions ranging on issues such as learning experience, college engagement, university support, academics and social environments.

These rankings are also slightly based on the Academic Reputation Survey.

Duncan Ross, THE’s director of data and analytics, said that this survey gives Americans a chance to see a more rounded out view of colleges across the country.

“One of the things that differentiates us is that we are using a national student survey that we’ve commissioned and run,” he said. “This is a very large-scale attempt to get some genuine student input from across the US. None of the other US rankings have incorporated that to date.”

You can look for your alma mater over at the interactive college rankings list (paywall).

A quick scan shows that Utah schools are spread out across the board in their overall rankings. Here’s a look at the overall rankings for Utah colleges.

Brigham Young University—Provo — #104

University of Utah — #311

Westminster College — #501-600

Utah State University — #800 or higher

Weber State University — #800 or higher

Southern Utah University — #800 or higher

Utah Valley University — #800 or higher

BYU leads over all the colleges in most categories, including “worth the cost,” “career preparation” and “salary” categories, showing that the Provo school is worth the money you pay for the salary you get. Students from the school also considered it to be the best choice. WSJ reported last month that BYU students also feel the most engaged compared to all American college students (paywall), too.

Still, it’s worth noting that eight out of 10 students at BYU, the University of Utah, Westminster College, Southern Utah University, Utah State and University and Utah Valley University all considered their school to be the right choice.

Westminster, meanwhile, has the highest in-state tuition and fees, though, costing $30,364 a year. BYU is the lowest at $5,000, with UVU right by with $5,270. Interestingly, BYU has the highest debt repayment rate with 95.4 percent of students repaying the school, but Westminster lags right behind with a 90.2 percent repayment rate.

Westminster also has the highest out-of-state tuition rate (also $30,364), with the University of Utah right behind with $25,057. BYU’s out-of-state tuition sits comfortably at $5,000, too.

UVU has the highest student enrollment, with 39,342 students who attend the school. BYU is next with 32,585 students. Weber State remains close behind with 31,714.

You can check a comparison of all the Utah schools (paywall) at the Wall Street Journal for all the information.

Herb Scribner is a writer for Deseret Digital Media.