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A.M. notes: Photos from Halloween, McMullin's sexuality questioned, Baltimore bus crash

In this frame from video, emergency personnel work at the scene of a fatal school bus and a commuter bus crash in Baltimore, Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016. (WBAL-TV via AP)
In this frame from video, emergency personnel work at the scene of a fatal school bus and a commuter bus crash in Baltimore, Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016. (WBAL-TV via AP)
Herb Scribner, WBAL-TV

It’s Nov. 1. Here’s the news you need to start your day.

How Utahns celebrated Halloween

Utah’s Halloween night was filled with pumpkins, costume and sweet smiles.

Utahns also engaged in costume parades, pumpkin launches and the standard trick-or-treating affairs. See all of our awesome photos here.

We have a photo gallery of such events, including the sixth annual Ginormous Pumpkin Regatta — an event where parents and their children literally race aboard huge pumpkins.

McMullin’s sexuality questioned in robocall

Evan McMullin has seen a surge in popularity among Utahns, but it has come with some disdain. A white supremacist has paid for robocalls to Utah voters that call into question McMullin’s sexuality, according to the Deseret News.

"Evan is over 40 years old and is not married and doesn’t even have a girlfriend. I believe Evan is a closet homosexual,” the speaker says.

You can listen to the audio here:

The speaker is actually William Daniel Johnson, a BYU graduate who worked as a delegate for Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention back in the summer.

McMullin’s campaign issued a statement to the Deseret News that said the former CIA operative isn’t homosexual.

"He has been on the record multiple times saying one of his greatest aspirations is to be a husband and a father. He wishes it would have happened earlier, however he spent more than 10 years in his 20s and 30s serving his country overseas in the CIA. He sacrificed his social life in order to protect the United States, and he expects to start a family of his own one day," according to the statement.

School bus, MTA transit collide in Baltimore

Early Tuesday morning, an MTA bus and a school bus collided in southwest Baltimore, reportedly killing three people, city police officials told WBAL-TV. The crash happened at around 6:30 a.m.

Officials are still unsure of what caused the crash, but they’ve informed motorists to expect closures in the area for some time.

Search continues for alleged rapist at the U.

Police are still looking for a man dressed in a Halloween costume who allegedly raped a University of Utah student who was held at gunpoint on Monday afternoon, as the Deseret News reported.

As the woman walked to her car, an armed man wearing a Grim Reaper mask forced her into the back seat of her car where he sexually assaulted her.

The attacker allegedly fled the scene thereafter.

"We're putting out as much information as we can in hopes that we can find someone really quick," University of Utah Police Sgt. Garth Davis told Deseret News. "It's not a lot to go on, but it's what we have."

The university sent out a safety alert to students about the attacker.

The election is one week away

The 2016 election is just a week away and there’s plenty of controversy to keep the news cycle moving. Hillary Clinton’s campaign blasted FBI Director James Comey this week for sending a letter to Congress which spoke of a new inquiry into Clinton’s emails. Her campaign said this shows a double standard since the FBI has yet to reveal any information about an alleged investigation into Donald Trump’s connection to Russia.

Meanwhile, The New York Times reported Tuesday night that Trump may have avoided paying his taxes through “legally dubious” ways.

So where does that leave us? A new Washington Post-ABC tracking poll shows Trump leads Clinton 46 to 45 percent in enthusiasm. Overall poll averages still show Clinton in the lead. She’s also ahead in many battleground states.

And on a final note …

We know it’s the beginning of the week, but don’t let the long road ahead get you down. Watch this NBA dancer eat the floor and get back up. You can do the same. Scribner is a writer for Deseret Digital Media.