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Letter: Where are the journalists?

What happened to journalism in this country?

I took some time and watched NBC election coverage and what was absent was any critical discussion about their choice to be president — Hillary Clinton. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Trump, but how in the world can anyone ignore the faults with Clinton?

People keep saying that she is the most qualified because she has spent her whole life around government. Pardon me, but has anyone noticed that government is out of control? Which Bill of Rights right is not under assault by the government? Which trillion-dollar expenditure — money we don't have — seems to be working out so well?

The media always just sticks with how long Hillary has been in and around the government.

Please remember how the FBI stated that she was “extremely careless” with national secrets. I guess maybe we will see if Trump is as “extremely careless” as Clinton.

Jack Scherbel