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What's new: Eric Huntsman's 'Worship' shares ways to improve worship

"WORSHIP: Adding Depth to Your Devotion," by Eric D. Huntsman, Deseret Book, $19.99, 180 pages (nf)

Worship is many things to people of religious fervor, but often the exact benefits of different forms of worship are difficult to see amid the challenges of the day.

In “Worship: Adding Depth to Your Devotion,” Eric D. Huntsman examines how members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and any who desire to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, can increase their ability to worship in ways that help them draw closer to God and Christ.

Each chapter focuses on specific ways believers can improve their devotion while retaining their own individuality in the process.

The first section focuses on identifying what worship should be to the believer. Recognizing that the performance of rituals can be of great help to those offering worshipful adoration, Huntsman notes “performing an ordinance with exactness or participating in it with reverence” can allow believers to show “what (they) think about" God in their minds and hearts. The repetitive nature of ordinances and oblations reminds the follower of the commitments made and the blessings promised by God.

In succeeding chapters, Huntsman examines the power of effective prayer that invites the individual to approach God on a personal level and seek help and counsel directly. There are also chapters on ordinances, rituals, the setting aside of holy places and other forms of worship.

Near the end of his work, the author takes time to examine the power that comes from personal reading, teaching and sharing the word of God with others.

Huntsman shares that consistent reading, studying and teaching of the scriptures is a powerful way to improve the quality of personal worship. In relation to personal reading and study of the word of God, Huntsman closes his message with a chapter on worship through the power of music.

Huntsman is a professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University. He and his wife are the parents of two children and live in Provo.

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