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Fremont football team earned confidence through hard work, friendship long before season started

SALT LAKE CITY — Fremont football coach Kory Bosgieter began convincing his team they could compete with the likes of undefeated powerhouse Bingham long before the football season ever began.

“That was done from January until August,” the coach said after Bingham defeated Fremont 35-12 in the 5A semifinals Thursday afternoon. “A big part of what we do in the off-season is teaching our kids our culture, getting them to understand our culture. That’s our nature; we’re not going to quit. I’m proud of our kids for that.”

In the end, Fremont had too many missed opportunities, including a failed drive right before halftime and coming up short on their first scoring drive of the second half, to pull off an upset of the top-ranked Miners.

“There’s a certain amount of want-to,” he said of the points the team left on the field, “But I thought our kids did a good job of bouncing off of that (the failed drive before halftime). …I wouldn’t trade them for anybody. We have the best kids in the world, and what a great school, great community we have. We still have enough old-school values around our place to make a difference.”

The Silverwolves were led in Thursday’s game by senior quarterback Saxton Morby, senior wide receiver/defensive back Haze Hadley and senior tight end/defensive end Colter Wilde.

“They’re big, and they wore us down,” said Morby, who finished with 223 yards passing and a touchdown. “We played our hearts out, but it didn’t come out the way we wanted.”

Hadley, who had 13 catches for 156 yards with one touchdown (and 236 all-purpose yards), said the team gave the game their best effort.

“We’ve worked so hard since January,” Hadley said. “We approached this just like every other week. We believed we could beat them. They just outplayed us. …We left here with no regrets, and that’s all you can ask for.”

With a huge smile and tears in his eyes, Wilde said he believes Fremont earned a spot in the 5A semifinals because they love, trust and play for each other.

“I think it’s our unity,” he said about what sets them apart. “We’re a family here. I think that will take you a long way. Hard work and being unified is going to get you farther. We’ve gone through a lot, and I call these guys my brothers because they’re as close as family.” The players acknowledged the size (in numbers and stature) difference but said that didn’t intimidate them at all.

“We’re not the biggest team out there, so we had to do a lot of hard work, a lot of fighting to get where we’re at. And we got to a place where we trusted each other. It was amazing.”

Generously listed as 5-foot-7 on the program Hadley sparked the team over and over with his effort and speed.

“Haze, the first time we saw him in our youth camp, he was probably 7 or 8, and it took about 16 seconds to realize he has 'it.' And the fact that he and Saxton played together for so long, there’s no substitute for that.”

Bosgieter said as impressive as the players are on the field, they’re even more impressive off the field — in the classroom and the community.

“Saxton is a tremendous athlete, but he’s a 4.0 student, 31 on the ACT, he’s the real deal,” Bosgieter said. “We had only three turnovers all season coming into this game, and that’s a guy who touches it every snap. That’s impressive.”


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