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Family comes first for Lukas Forchhammer, lead singer of Danish band Lukas Graham

SHARE Family comes first for Lukas Forchhammer, lead singer of Danish band Lukas Graham

SALT LAKE CITY — In the hit single "7 Years," Lukas Forchhammer, lead singer of the Danish band Lukas Graham, shared his hopes for his life, both musically and for his family.

“At the end of the day, the most important talking points in ‘7 Years’ is about parents, children, family," said Forchhammer, who is the father of a 6-week-old daughter. "It could’ve been about worldwide fame and being rich, but the thing about being rich is that money is never going to make you happy.”

The band Lukas Graham, which includes Forchhammer as lead singer and songwriter, Morten “Rissi Rissi” Ristorp on the keyboard, Mark “Lovestick” Falgren on the drums and Magnus Larsson on the bass, will make a stop in Salt Lake City at The Complex on Nov. 16 as part of their North American tour.

Forchhammer said that he wants his kids to be able to say that their dad taught them to swim, cooked with them every morning, picked them up from school, went shopping with them and had summer barbecues — things that normal families do together.

“I want my kids to have a normal life. Just because dad has a strange job doesn’t mean we have to live like celebrities with bodyguards and private drivers and stuff,” Forchhammer said in a phone interview with the Deseret News. “I grew up wearing second-hand clothes and a house that didn’t have a toilet in it before I was 6 years old. I don’t need all that glamour.”

Despite having this desire for him and his family to live a normal life, Forchhammer is grateful for the opportunity he has as a musician to influence what people think and feel as well as provide music that can touch and entertain anyone regardless of their situation.

Lukas Graham gained international success earlier this year following the release of their hit single “7 Years,” which peaked at No. 2 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 as well as hitting the top 10 in over 20 countries worldwide.

“7 Years” was written three years ago and Forchhammer said it was a song that essentially wrote itself. During a frustrating day in the studio, Forchammer was taking a nap when he woke up to one of his band members playing what would become the piano riff of the song and Forchhammer immediately starting singing the opening lines.

The song then became a song about life, what Forchhamer had done with his life so far and goals that he had for his future, which included the band gaining worldwide success and touring the world and Forchhamer starting a family. Those things turned out to be true just three years later, partially due to the success of the song.

“To be able to live the dreams you wrote down on a piece of paper three or so years ago is pretty epic,” Forchhammer said.

Forchhammer added that while the song speaks of success and worldwide fame, the main points in the song emphasize family, such as his late father not being there to see what the band has accomplished or Forchhammer's hope that his kids will visit him when they are older.

“You can say my whole dream and goal about being a celebrity just got amplified once I had a child," Forchhammer said. "I’d rather not be successful all around the world and be a good father.”

Lukas Graham performed earlier this year in Salt Lake City, which gave Forchhamer a very positive impression about the state, especially in regards to the mountains, which he said he doesn’t have in Denmark, as well as the state’s history.

Lukas Graham’s return to Salt Lake City as a part of their current tour will be at The Complex on Nov. 16. While Forchhammer said he doesn’t like labeling their music as one specific genre, he said that this concert will be a rock n' roll show, closer to a Rage Against the Machine than The Beatles.

If you go ...

What: Lukas Graham concert

When: Wednesday, Nov. 16, 7 p.m.

Where: The Complex, 536 W. 100 South, Salt Lake City

How much: $25 in advance, $30 at the door

Phone: 801-528-9197

Web: smithstix.com/music/event/18765/lukas-graham

Email: adroge@deseretnews.com