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Book review: Utah author Brandon Mull's new Fablehaven book gives readers the chance to co-author

Estabelecer uma rotina para as principais atividades do dia faz o tempo ser mais bem aproveitado.
Estabelecer uma rotina para as principais atividades do dia faz o tempo ser mais bem aproveitado.

"FABLEHAVEN BOOK OF IMAGINATION," by Brandon Mull, Shadow Mountain, $14.99, 156 pages (f) (ages 8 and up)

For those Fablehaven fanatics who dream of one day co-authoring a book with New York Times best-selling author and Utah native Brandon Mull, his newest book to hit the shelves is their chance.

"Fablehaven Book of Imagination" isn't a full-length novel, but a compilation of all the locations, characters, plot lines and more from the Fablehaven series; however, there's a twist. Rather than lay out everything in a dictionary form as Mull did in his last Fablehaven book, "The Caretaker's Guide to Fablehaven," he leaves the reader to fill in the blanks.

Readers can to add their imagination to the made-up world of Fablehaven. They start by drawing their magical preserve, just like in the Fablehaven books, and decide who gets to go there of their family and friends with their magical register.

The reader can also get creative by using recipes inside to make potions, in which Mull calls for regular kitchen items to be the main ingredients and not those ingredients one might only find in a magical land. They'll also be able to make a unicorn horn.

The book includes quotes from the Fablehaven books and otherwise famous figures, recipes for both food and things such as wizard slime, pictures of Mull on some of his adventures and other fun activities.

The book also contains exciting coloring pages with drawings from another Utah native Steve Vistaunet.

Mull's next series, Dragonwatch, is set to be released March 14, 2017 and is a sequel series to Fablehaven. Another great feature of "Fablehaven Book of Imagination" is a secret message hidden throughout the book about the upcoming, highly anticipated series. The reader must look at specific pages within the Fablehaven books to decode the message.

"Fablehaven Book of Imagination" has no foul language or sexual innuendo. It also doesn't contain any violence or described violence. It is a delightful, engaging book that gives readers the opportunity to use the full spectrum of their imagination.

If you go …

What: Brandon Mull book signing

When: Thursday, Nov. 17, 7 p.m.

Where: Viridian Event Center, 8030 S. 1825 West, West Jordan