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Public can get rare 'look' at museum's vast collection

SALT LAKE CITY — The fifth anniversary of the Natural History Museum's move to its mountainside perch is being celebrated this weekend, with the public getting a chance to take a look at what is normally kept behind closed doors.

The "Behind the Scenes" event began Saturday and continues from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, with visitors who will be able to view the museum's 1.5 million items in its collection — from rare plant specimens, Native American objects and species of bugs.

In addition to accessing normally closed off areas, the public can chat with the museum's staff of scientists, including those who work with dinosaur bones.

The weekend also features the museum's newly redesigned collections wall that spans three stories and sports 600 artifacts.

Its current exhibit is called the "Power of Poison."

The museum, with its 42,000 square feet, is home to 10 permanent galleries.

More information, including admission prices, is available online at